This Uttarakhand Man Rescued More Than 1,000 Snakes In A Year

Popularly known as the Snake Man, Mukhtaar Ali is on a mission to save snakes in his village

Raghav N

September 16, 2020

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A man in Uttarakhand is on a mission to save snakes in his small village. Mukhtaar Ali is a house painter in the Kela Khera region in the state. What started off as a hobby, after his friend introduced him to the world of the reptile, has now turned into his passion.

Ali says that it is his endeavour to rescue snakes that have become vulnerable due to encroachments in their natural habitat, forcing them to often wander into human infested areas. He urges his villagers to not kill them and instead inform him if the reptile is spotted. According to him, he saves more than 100 snakes a month and at least a 1000 in the last year.

Known as the snake man, he considers himself lucky as he is receiving some monetary help for this noble task from the same friend who introduced him to this initiative. He also shared that he shuts down all his work during the three-month monsoon period and completely devotes himself to his slithery friends. He has rehabilitated cobras, pythons, Russell’s Vipers and many other species.

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