This New Form Of Coronavirus Can Be Ten Times More Dangerous

Scientists have discovered that Coronavirus can mutate itself and recur with new forms even in recovered individuals

Raghav N

August 26, 2020

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While scientists and doctors are still decoding the novel coronavirus, new details are emerging about its dangerous characteristics. Hongkong has now reported its first case of reinfection, found in a 33-year-old man who returned from Europe. The person was infected once before with more severe symptoms compared to what was found the second time, according to the University of Hongkong.

This indicates that the virus is capable of mutating itself, leading to a new string. Till now, scientists have found eight such strings, revealing that the virus can change itself every 15 days.

Researchers in Malaysia have found a new form of the infection and called it D614G. This reportedly started spreading after a man from India broke his 14-day quarantine in Malaysia.

Doctors have termed this ten times more dangerous than the earlier form, where the spike protein of the virus has enhanced its ability to stick to bodies.

This also raises an important query, if vaccines will be able to deal with the different versions of the coronavirus by the time they hit the market.

With 2.3 crore cases of COVID19 in the world now, medical professionals have revealed that 50% of the recovered patients deal with troubles related to the infection for at least 4-6 months after they are cleared. These include breathlessness, fatigue, development of autoimmune diseases, neurological trouble, heart related problems and diarrhoea.

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