This Makar Sankranti, We Want Sai-Aditya And Piyu-Viru To Come Together And Celebrate The Festival

This Makar Sankranti, we want our favourite Zee Marathi characters like Asawari-Soham, Sai-Aditya, and Piyu-Viru to come together and celebrate the festival. Read on.

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January 13, 2021



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With Makar Sankranti around the corner, we are all eagerly waiting to celebrate this joyous occasion with our loved ones. We not only want our close family and friends to be with us but we also want our favourite Zee Marathi characters like Asawari-Soham, Sai-Aditya, and Piyu-Viru to resolve their differences and come together to celebrate the festival. Do you think that can happen?

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Even though Asawari and Soham from Agga Bai Sasubai are family, they are in the midst of a dispute for a very long time. Soham has deeply hurt Asawari and is now trying to make amends with his mother. He seems to be genuinely sorry for his mistakes and we want nothing more than for Asawari to f0rgive him so that the Kulkarni-Raje parivar can reunite and celebrate Makar Sankranti together.

As for Priyanka and Rajveer from Karbhari Laybhari, they used to be really good friends but Rajveer broke all ties with Priyanka after her big secret came out. Ever since she has been trying to make amends with him but he is adament about not forgiving her. All her attemps have gone in vain and if only Rajveer could see past her mistake and realize how truly a good friend she is, they will definitely be able to celebrate Makar Sankranti together.

Coming to Sai and Aditya from Majha Hoshil Na, everytime they come together, fate does not let them unite. After Aditya realizes his feelings for Sai, he tries confessing but each time something gets in the way. Moreover, his uncle Dada mama wants him to marry Meghna and he eventually gives into Dada mama’s demands. Even though Sai initially tries to make Aditya confess, she too gives up on him and decides to marry someone else.

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Festivals are all about celebrating joyous occasions with loved ones and we really want Sai and Aditya to enjoy all the festivities together. If only Dada mama were to realize Aditya’s sacrifice at his behest and allow him to pursue Sai, we’re sure that Aditya will leave no stone unturned in winning her back.

While these are a few ways in which our favourite characters can come together for the occasion of Makar Sankranti, we can only wait and watch the shows to found out what really happens.

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