Kamali Actress Yashaswini’s Special Moments With Her Doggie Coco, Will Melt Your Heart

When you bring your furry friend home, they become a part of your life until the end. Rishi’s sister Rachana from Kamali will give you paw goals!

Parinika Uchil

June 5, 2019

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Interesting things are coming to light about Rishi’s sister Rachana from the show Kamali. One of those things is her unconditional love for doggos. Her buddy, Coco, is the cutest thing you will see today, that’s a promise. Not more than a few months old, Coco seems to be equally in love with Yashaswini, enjoying her frequent cuddles.  

Anika gets furious to see Rishi and Kamali together in this episode, watch it now:

If a pupper is part of your family, you are living the best life. Animals, especially dogs are the gateway to one’s soul. There comes a point of time in everyone’s life where you fail to realise your true purpose. It is proven many times that life is better with furry companions. Countless hoomans have made it their way of life, to adopt and shelter these beings. What amazing is that they act as stress-busters.  

Kamali Actress Yashaswini And Her Pupper Coco
Source: Instagram

Just imagine, when you are back extremely exhausted from a hard day’s work and you open your door. There is this wagging-tail-fur-ball waiting to jump into your arms. Even science has proven that stress-levels are observed much less in those individuals’ lives who have a pet. And with some proper guidance, these companions can make themselves useful you as well (like running errands for you, playing tricks for you etc). These four-legged adorable creatures were, for many beliefs, created to keep a human company.

They may be speechless, but they never say no to the snuggles and snacks you give them. Of course, they are mischievous at times, but you just cannot be mad at them for long. Only because those adorable little eyes will cutely stare you to death (not literally of course).  

If you too are a proud parent like Yashaswini, send a shout out to us in the comments space below, with your doggo’s name.

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