This Friendship Day See How Vikranth From Gattimela Has Been An Ideal Friend To Amulya

On Friendship Day, see how Vikranth and Amulya have been the perfect friends to each in good and bad times.


July 30, 2020


2 min


It’s Friendship Day and it only makes sense for us to talk about a rare relationship between Vikranth and Amulya that has not been explored much in your favourite show Gattimela. However, we have always seen these two supporting each other and helping one another in difficult situations!

Vikranth and Amulya have been friends from the very start of the show. Even before he fell in love with Aarthi, it was Amulya that helped him get to know Aarthi and become friends with her. Once he had come to realise his feelings for Aarthi, Amulya helps them get to know each other more only to realise that they were meant to be with each other. She also stops Aarthi from getting engaged to Gautam and explains to Vikranth the importance of confessing his feelings to Aarthi.

Vicky helps Amulya and Vedanth
Vicky helps Amulya and Vedanth

Vikranth, on the other hand, has always supported Amulya. When Amulya develops feelings for Vedanth, he tells her that she must take her own advice and tell Vedanth how she truly feels. Apart from that, we also see how Amulya confides in Vikranth when she falls in love with Vedanth. He consoles her and takes it upon himself to make Vedanth realise his feelings for Amulya.

Even when Amulya is accused of stealing the bangles, Vikranth is the first one to stop Sahithya from making false accusations and tells her that he has known Amulya for the longest time and knows that she would not do anything of this sort. He also says that Amulya is not just his sister-in-law but his closest friend for which he will not allow anyone to accuse her of something she would never have done.

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