This Diwali Reap All The Scientific Benefits By Indulging In A Traditional Abhyanga Snanam

If you think the old traditions do not make any sense now, we’ve got some great news and it starts at the breaking of the dawn. Let’s begin!

Sneha Bale

October 26, 2019


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This Diwali make sure to pamper yourself with a whole lot of pampering and self-love. Because there is no better celebration than indulging in the things that make you happy. Yes, we’re talking about the calorie-laden sweets and that bold fashion statement. And you, my friend, ought to do it all if that makes you happy. While contemporary fashion is going on in full swing, we hope you haven’t forgotten the traditional roots. Nope! We’re not talking about the tales of Ram and Seeta or of Krishna and the other gods.

Traditionally, too, the festival of lights is supposed to bring in happiness and way for self-care and pampering. Let’s dig into the whole concept of Abhyanga Snanam to know more about it. Although practised as a holy ritual, Abhyanga Snanam has a lot of scientific benefits for your mind, body and soul.

Abhyanga snanam Diwali
Abhyanga snanam Diwali

Here’s how you do it: It requires you to wake up at the Bhramamuhurtam on the occasion of Naraka Chaturdashi. Massage your body with some sesame oil. Right from your scalp and forehead to your fingernails and toes. Next, take some sandalwood powder, gram flour and mix it with oil to form a smooth paste. Apply this paste all over your body and gently scrub it. Let this sit for 30 mins before you head to wash it all off with lukewarm water. And then, get ready to enjoy the day.

Diwali 2019

Scientific Benefits: 

With Diwali comes the season of winter. And Abhyanga Snanam allows the oil massage to increase the heat in your body. Hence, making you warmer and healthy for the season.

The oil massage also increases or allows for better blood circulation.

It evenly stimulates your nerves and charges your sensory-motor integration. This saves you from many neurological problems.

Like any other, this massage helps in relaxing your muscles and relieving them of then built-up tension.

The paste allows you to scrub off the dead skin cells of your skin and cleanses it from the environmental pollutants and toxins. It also moisturises your skin, makes it smooth and soft.

It also has a spiritual benefit. The paste is made of fragrant elements and hence, attracts the higher divine frequencies around you. And these frequencies help to relieve you of all stresses and calming your mind.

So go ahead and reap all the scientific benefits by indulging in a traditional abhyanga snanam. For now, don’t forget to watch the latest ZEE5 Original Gods of Dharmapuri.

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