This Christmas, celebrating all the times Aparajita Apu’s Apu was a splash of light amid dark stereotypes

Although 2020 has been full of darkness, here is how Aparajita Apu’s Apu brightened it up a little for everyone!

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December 12, 2020


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The year 2020 has been stressful and not the best one for most people in the world. Yet, there is always a brighter side to things that we can look back on, at the end of it all. So with the upcoming cheerful season of Christmas this month, we wanted to revisit some of the instances where our favourite ZEE5 characters acted as a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. Aparajita Apu‘s Apu is one of the first people we could think of, for she truly has been that ray of light amidst all stereotypes.

Watch the trailer of Aparajita Apu here:

In an initial trailer of the show, we had seen Apu take a stand against the practice of the dowry system at her sister’s wedding. When someone from her sister’s in-laws threatened to call off the wedding, Apu immediately warned her of the crime. She confidently announced that she would call the cops on their family if they tried to take any dowry money or call the wedding off without it.

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In the first episode of Aparajita Apu, we saw Apu trying to make way for a smoother arrival of the borjatri bus the next day. Although she got shouted at by her father for it later, she did not display any fear in going off to a rather deserted road to check if the bus could use it. She did not think twice if a girl was safe enough to go down the road and displayed great courage in the process.

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In another promo of the show, we saw Apu voluntarily directing the borjatri bus for a steady arrival to the wedding venue. Although Dipu, the groom’s brother offered to help while saying it was not a woman’s job to help a driver back up a bus, he tripped while stepping out of the vehicle. At that moment, Apu was quick to help him stand stable. She also politely reminded him that there is no gender bias when it comes to any work, all one needs is to be a little smart about executing it.

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In a conversation with her elder sister before her wedding, Apu told her how she got herself an examination form. Hearing this, her sister responded with fear in her voice and stated how their father would be furious if he found out. But Apu was firm about her goals. She insisted that she was determined to become a BDO to break their father’s gender-biased beliefs and stereotypes forever.

Just the kind of light we need amid the darkness of outdated notions!

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