Thirumathi Hitler: With AJ Bossing Around Hasini, Here’s Why We Think She Will Break His Ego!

While AJ has never had anyone oppose him, Hasini just changed that and here’s why we think she can help him be a better person!

Bhavna Gandikota

February 5, 2021



2 min


Thirumathi Hitler starting Keerthana Podhuval as Hasini, and Amit Bhargava as AJ is an engaging tale of what happens when a happy-go-lucky girl meets a rather grumpy man. While AJ and Hasini are moving towards a new chapter as they are all set to tie the knot, there are quite a few differences between the duo.
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For ages, AJ has been the boss of his house and hasn’t had anyone oppose him, because he is the head. We love and adore AJ but this is one of his imperfections where he can’t stand to listen to a NO. On the other hand, Hasini is young and chirpy, she likes to do what she wants while also being considerate about others. While AJ forces Hasini to take care of the ring, he says that he is not used to a no. However, Hasini being herself, says that she can’t take care of the ring and does not want such a big responsibility.
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Hasini is one of the first people to actually refuse AJ, and this might anger him but we are sure that he will learn to respect other’s decisions soon, all thanks to Hasini. AJ has never come across anyone like her, which is why she might just be the person who breaks his ego and makes him a better person. We can’t wait to see how the two embark on this journey with each other!
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