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Thirumathi Hitler: Here’s Why We Are Sure That AJ Will Be Able To Get Rid Of Badri

Bhavna Gandikota

January 27, 2021

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We might not know Badri as well as we know AJ from Thirumathi Hitler, but here is why we know that AJ will defeat Badri!

Over the course of the show Thirumathi Hitler, we’ve known AJ to be determined and disciplined. He is not someone who will give in to requests or bend the rules for anyone else. When Hasini asks AJ for his help it seems almost far-fetched since we could never imagine AJ as someone who would oppose authority.

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When Hasini finds out that Swetha has been duped by a rogue cop named Badri, she takes it upon herself to bring justice to her sister, even though she is in love with Badri. She reaches out to AJ and he agrees to help her in return of a favour. One of the most prominent traits he has is that his planning never goes wrong, so we’re sure that when AJ crosses paths with him, he wouldn’t know what hit him. Badri, on the other hand, might be smart but he loses sight when it comes to being hardworking and persistent which is why he betrayed Swetha in the first place.

AJ is also extremely determined and has a track record of fulfilling what he promises. Above all this, Badri doesn’t know what he is up to so it becomes really easy for AJ to beat him. We’re sure that this time too, the good will win over the evil, given how intelligent, persistent and organized AJ is!

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