Thirumathi Hitler: Here’s Why We All Need A Sister Like Hasini In Our Lives

Hasini from Thirumathi Hitler cares for her sister like no one else does and she would do anything for her, but here’s why we need a sister like her in our lives.

Bhavna Gandikota

January 31, 2021



2 min


From dramatic fights to heartwarming reunions, the sisters from Thirumathi Hitler, Hasini and Swetha remind us all of our sisters. However, whenever we see Hasini on screen we are reminded of how lucky Swetha is to have her. Hasini goes beyond the skies to protect her sister and proof lies in the fact that she kept her ego aside and approached AJ to keep Badri away from her sister.

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She even takes the blame on herself when their mother finds Swetha’s greeting cards. She is certainly very protective of her sister but also gives her the freedom to do what she wants in her life. She isn’t intrusive but keeps a tab on her sister at the same time. Hasini has made all kinds of sacrifices for her sister. All of this makes Hasini the sister that we would all love to have.

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She would definitely have your back and still protect you from going on the wrong path. Especially the fact that she approached AJ even though she hated him speaks volumes of how much her sister means to her. Even though Swetha might not realise what her sister does for her, we know for a fact that she will see all the sacrifices and learn how lucky she is to have someone like Hasini in her life. Badri might be a blessing in disguise as after Swetha sees his true colours, she will see how precious Hasini is!

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