Thirumathi Hitler: As People Comment On AJ-Hasini’s Age Difference, We Bring You Some Important Reasons Why Hasini Will Be An Amazing Mom-In-Law!

As Thirumathi Hitler’s AJ and Hasini are taunted for their age difference, here’s why we think she would be the perfect mother-in-law to AJ’s children.

Bhavna Gandikota

February 6, 2021



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Thirumathi Hitler is a popular Tamil TV show starring Amit Bhargav as AJ and Keerthana Podhuval as Hasini. The relationship blossoming between the duo is already winning hearts keeping the viewers in anticipation of when they will get together. As AJ finally announces his alliance with Hasini, it seems like the time has come for this couple to tie the knot.

Watch the spoiler for tomorrow’s episode of Thirumathi Hitler right here:

While we know that there is an age difference between the couple, the whole Badri situation revealed that Hasini is more mature than she seems. She strategically planned to get rid of Badri, without giving her parents any of the tension. She even handled her sister and put her ego aside when it was needed. Hasini has time and again showed how she handles problems maturely.

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This is exactly the kind of maturity that AJ is looking for. Although, her daughters-in-law are older than her, she seems to be more mature than any of them and unlike AJ she is relaxed and lets people do what they want to do which is admirable. She will not be as strict with her daughters-in-law like AJ is and will let them do what they want.

While on one hand, they had to ask for AJs permission to watch a movie, they will get to live their lives on their own terms with Hasini. Moreover, just like she did with her sister, she will even cover up their mistakes for them. Everything about her as a mother-in-law is exhilarating.

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