Thirumathi Hitler: As Hasini Blesses Archana, Here’s What The Latter Can Learn From Hasini

Thirumathi Hilter’s Hasini might be younger than Archana, but here’s what she can teach Archana.

Bhavna Gandikota

February 17, 2021



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Thirumathi Hitler‘s Hasini and AJ are all set to tie the knot and we can hardly wait for it! Meanwhile, it also means that a lot of changes are up ahead for AJ’s family. Primarily, it also means that AJ’s daughters-in-law will now get a mother-in-law who is a little older than they are. While it might seem odd, we are sure that Hasini would be a great mother-in-law.

Watch the spoiler for the next episode of Thirumathi Hitler right here!

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As a part of the ceremonies, Hasini had to bless her to-be daughters-in-law, and as Archana, Maya and Chitra went for it, you could see them not being too happy about it. While we know that Archana is older than Hasini, we think that there is a lot she can respect Hasini for and learn from her.

Archana, Maya, Chitra and Hasini in Thirumathi Hitler (Source: ZEE5)

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One of the main aspects is her ability to put her ego aside for the betterment of the people around her. When Hasini wanted to get rid of Badri, she understood that only AJ could get that done. Even when she did not like him as a person, she went to AJ for help so she could save her sister’s life. On the other hand, Archana does not want Hasini in her house because she wanted AJ to marry her relative. She does not value anything more than her ego, and always wants things to go her way.

Archana might be older than Hasini but she is not as much of a good human as Hasini, and we are sure that she can be a better person if she opens up to Hasini.

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