Thirumathi Hitler: As AJ Doesn’t Trust Hasini To Look After His Family, Here’s Enlisting Incidences That Prove Him Wrong

As Thirumathi Hilter’s AJ thinks that Hasini doesn’t care for her family, here are a few incidents to prove him wrong.

Bhavna Gandikota

February 19, 2021



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We can count the number of days before AJ and Hasini tie the knot in Thirumathi Hitler. However, as the latest spoiler reveals, while the ceremonies were going on, AJ tore the contract. He said that Hasini never took good care of her own family, so he can’t expect her to look after his family. Adding to this, he stated that if someone can’t love and care for their own people, how will they care for others? Unfortunately, he has deeply misunderstood Hasini, a pure soul who has always taken care of her family. So here, we recall all the incidences when Hasini went out of her way to prove her undying love for her near and dear ones.

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1) When she saved her sister’s life

When Swetha slit her hands because she wanted to be with Badri, Hasini tries to not attract much attention and save her life. Because if people were to find out, they would’ve made her life, a living hell. She was right there beside her sister, which proves that she certainly cares about her.

2) When she put her ego aside and reached out to AJ

We all know that it must have taken a lot of courage for Hasini to seek help from AJ, since they were not on great terms. Just to save her sister from someone like Badri, she put her ego aside and sought help from AJ, which also led to her having to get married to him!

Hasini in Thirumathi Hitler (Source: ZEE5)

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3) When she let Keerthana think that the letters and cards were hers

When Keerthana found all the love letters and cards, she assumed that they were Hasini’s. Hasini did not correct her and took the blame because she wanted to cover up for her sister. Wouldn’t you love a sister like Hasini, who has your back always, no matter what?

4) When she let Keerthana believe that she was the reason for Swetha’s condition 

When Swetha was in the hospital, Keerthana blamed Hasini for her condition. Hasini understood that she was in sorrow and took the scolding. She might seem chirpy and impulsive on the outside, but is one of the most mature people you will see!

5) All the times when she put up with Keerthana for her father

Anytime Keerthana scolds her, all of us wish Hasini would lash back too, but she keeps mum because she knows how much Keerthana means to her father. She puts up with her only for her father, and that is the sweetest thing ever!

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