Thirumathi Hitler: All Those Times When AJ And Hasini Made Us Laugh Through Their Fun Banter Onscreen

AJ and Hasini, guarantee a few chuckles, every time that they are on screen. Here are a few times that happened!

Bhavna Gandikota

May 12, 2021



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Thirumathi Hitler‘s AJ and Hasini might not see eye to eye often, but this also results in some of the funniest banter between them. We love watching them quarrel the way they do because they are always funny in an unexpected way. Here are a few times when that happened!

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1)  When AJ punishes Hasini for waking up late!

When Hasini failed to wake up to the alarm, AJ gave her a punishment and asked her to fill in the shoes of a watchman for a day. Right from him forcing Hasini to do it, to the struggles that Hasini had to fight to do her duty, the scene was hilarious. Catch the scene right here!

2) When AJ and Hasini make Diyas together

AJ is as skilled as it gets, especially when it comes to household chores that need patience and focus. When Hasini had to make a few Diyas from mud, she had to seek AJ’s help. We loved watching how he managed to make tonnes of them as Hasini was struggling with her first one!

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3) When Hasini asks AJ to feed him

Hasini was fasting for the whole day as she followed all the rituals for the Pooja. She asked AJ to feed her, but obviously, he wouldn’t give her food so easily. He had to pull her leg, and we are certainly not complaining.

4) When AJ asked Hasini to squeeze out paste from a tube

AJ had once given Hasini an extremely tough task. He had squeezed all the paste out of a toothpaste tube, and right after all of it was out, he asked her to squeeze some more paste out of it. Just when we thought Hasini would lose, she ran a scooter over it and managed to take some more paste out of it!

5) When AJ catches Hasini opening his locker

When AJ catches Hasini fiddling with his locker, he asked her to quit it. He later asked her why she did not go to the parlour as she said she would. She said that she did not need any grooming, he instantly roasted her when he said that he did not think so!

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