Third Coronavirus Wave May Hit Delhi As It Records Steady Rise In Cases

As Delhi reported 5739 cases on 29 October, higher than the previous two days, experts warn of a third wave and double the trouble with rising pollution levels in the capital

Raghav N

October 30, 2020

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As the Coronavirus impact is reportedly reducing across many states in India, the national capital is however witnessing a steady rise in the number of infections. Delhi’s COVID19 cases have increased in the last three days, with each day recording a higher number of positive patients than the previous. On 27 October, there were 4853 fresh cases, while 5673 cases were reported on 28 October. Thursday (29 October) logged in 5739 cases, making it the highest in the week.

The government acknowledged that the pandemic is far from getting over in the region yet. All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi, Medical Director, Randeep Guleria warned citizens about the possibility of a third wave. Health experts also believe that the pollution in the state, combined with Corona will be double the amount of trouble for Delhiites. According to medical professionals, the virus is likely to affect those in the more densely polluted areas and the casualty rate in these regions will possibly be higher than lesser polluted areas.

The state has recorded 3.75 lakh cases till now and 6,423 deaths, while 30,952 cases are still active. India is already at an excess of 80 lakh cases and 517 people lost their lives to the virus on Thursday (29 October) alone.

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