Thiravam Episode 8 Written Update: Ravi Traps Edward With Ganesh’s Help

In the eighth episode of Thiravam, Vetrivel gets arrested with evidence from his house. Will Ravi be able to save Meenu? Read more to find out!

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April 27, 2020


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Previously on Thiravam, Edward kills Sahana who tries to expose him working against Ravi. Sahana’s boyfriend Ganesh tells the investigating officer about how her murder is connected to the men chasing Ravi. Saddened by Sahana’s death, Ravi tells the media that he has doesn’t have a formula for fuel. He finds himself in trouble when he learns that Edward has kidnapped Meenu.

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In the seventh episode of Thiravam, Ravi meets Edward to negotiate a deal to save Meenu. Edward tells him how he was angry at him for making bio-fuel and claiming to sell it at a much cheaper price than his fuel. He also confesses to murdering Sahana as she was trying to leak his plans. Edward shows Ravi a bag full of money he got from the gangsters for his formula and frees Meenu as he was only after money. Ravi tells him that he prioritises Meenu’s safety before anything else and walks away.

Meanwhile, the investigating officer leads an encounter at the gangster’s hideout and kills him in a shootout. The officer seizes a huge load of drugs and several pieces of Ravi’s equipment from the hideout. As Edward drives forward, he is stopped by two police officers who ceases his money and asks him to be present at the police station. Angry at the cops, Edward drives to the police station only to find that he has been tricked by someone posing to be an officer. Edward is arrested by the officers at the station as his conversation with Ravi gets leaked.

Vetrivel is shocked when his informant announces that his house is going to be raided by the cops. He tries to escape but finds the cops at his doorstep waiting for him. As he gets caught red-handed trying to run away with his money, he surrenders and goes with the officers. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Ganesh was the one who posed as the police officer to trick Edward. Ganesh hands over the money to Ravi as he was only helping him for his revenge for Sahana’s murder.

Bhaskaran is delighted when the senior party officials inform him that he is going to take over Vetrivel’s position. Ravi is seen discussing his next big plan with Shekar to get back at everyone who harmed him and his friends. Making matters worse, Das’s henchman Gaja gives the formula to the industrialist. What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out!

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