They Are The Biggest Examples Of Humility: Ramesh Aravind On Sudha And Narayana Murthy

In an exclusive interview, Ramesh Aravind spoke to us about the challenges he faced, moments that touched his heart, funny anecdotes and the Murthys.

Parinika Uchil

July 30, 2019

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The latest season of Weekend With Ramesh was happy to host big names like Padma Vibhushan Narayana Murthy, Prakash Belawadi, Sumalatha Ambareesh, TS Nagabhara, Ex-ACP Ashok Kumar, Ex-Dg & IGP Shankar Biradar etc on the show. Thanks to the utmost dedication of the mastermind behind the success; Ramesh Aravind, the show has hosted over 95 guests across all four seasons, excluding cameo special guests and their stories too. Even though Weekend With Ramesh has sadly ended, we can still keep our fingers crossed for the channel to renew the show for another season, but that’s for later. Till then we thought of continuing the entertainment for you by conducting an exclusive interview of the man behind it all, himself. If you still haven’t read the first part of this interview, click here to do so now.

As promised, today, we bring to you the second part of the wonderful interview we had with the sakkath actor and host, Ramesh Aravind. In it, he talks about his best moments on the show, the funniest moments and about how difficult it was to get such big names on the show. Keep scrolling for the excerpts…

Q. If you had to pick Top 5 moments from the season 4, moments that absolutely moved you, what would you pick?
A. (chuckles) There are so many. To select from 95 prestigious guests and so many more stories, it is very difficult to choose just one story or a moment. But in retrospect, a boy named Ashwin who came on the wheelchair to the show and despite all his problems when he said, “I love life”, that is one of the best philosophies to learn in life. To say that ‘I have so many problems but life is beautiful’ when the boy said ‘I love life’ despite everything, that was really special to me. Similarly, my special moments are when people try to rise up from their problems. Even though everything is against them, their spirit to live life happily is very special to me. Another person I remember was this man who had a calcium deficiency, someone’s whose hand would break if he lifted heavy things. Such a person has gone an earned a national medal means it is such a motivation for others.

And many people from the acting field too, when you see the way in which they started and under what circumstances, for them, the important factor wasn’t deciding where to begin, for them it was where they see themselves in the future. There are so many people like that. I remember someone saying, “Don’t run after money, but don’t stop running.” That is something I loved. When Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murthy gave a ‘shashtanga namaskara’ to their elders, that shows chivalry. Even though they have achieved so much in life, they are the biggest examples of humility and simple-mindedness. Like this there are many moments, I can keep going on and on (chuckles).

Q. How challenging was it to call big names like Narayana Murthy and Veerendra Heggade on the show?
A. See, these individuals have reached great heights because of their humble personality itself. So sitting with them, chatting with them and learning a lot about their life was a very easy task. There’s a saying ‘Empty Vessels Make More Noise’, so in a way, if you look at it, big personalities like Narayana Murthy and Veerendra Heggade have achieved so much in life that you can think of it as having their vessels full, so it is easier to work with them. In contradiction, if there is an empty vessel, it might not be as easy to get their attention or get them to disclose about their lives this way. These esteemed guests understand the bigger picture.

Q. Any funny behind-the-scenes anecdote you would like to share?
A. They are so many because since I am an actor and an active part of the entertainment field, I could loosen up quite easily. Even when Narayana Murthy had come, I initially thought of being all serious but then looking at him even I loosened up and I could easily do it too (chuckles). We have had so many funny incidents on the show during the Pooja Lokesh and Srujan Lokesh episode. Because that kind of fun element should be there in a show like this more often than not. Particularly with my friends from the industry, I already had a good rapport with them so we have had a lot of fun moments together. When Ambareesh came on the show, and I casually asked him about the fun he had with all his female co-stars, he gave his famous angry look (chuckles) and the moment became funny.

Don’t worry, because this great actor and host’s interview doesn’t end here, we will be back with the next part really soon. Till then, stay tuned.

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