These Twists In The ZEE5 Original N.E.R.D. Are What You Need To Watch Out For

Sneha Bale

July 11, 2019


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The Mastermind


Bringing a fictitious murder mystery to life is no easy job. The makers of the ZEE5 Original Series N.E.R.D. have done a commendable job. If you haven’t seen the show yet, here are a few twists in the murder mystery that will make you say, ‘no, wait. What?’

First and the foremost, just like the cops we believe what we see. It’s only when we understand that what we see is a polished design that we see the real mastermind. From the missing girls to their missing bodies, to the spotless evidence to the underlying game — it’s all a mastermind’s work. Don’t believe us, watch it to know it.

Irresistible Charm


Hasvanth, unabashedly, confronts how all of the six girls who go missing in just a month were close to him and shared an instant liking for him. Their emotional attachments ended up in physical intimacy and there was very little that he could do about it. That’s right, Hasvanth?

Buried Bodies


The series starts with a long shot of six pits that look like graves of six people. Later, we come to know that they are the graves of the six missing girls. But there’s a story to these graves. What really lies inside? The bodies? Is it bones? Or plain mud? Take a guess.

True Face


The lead character of the story is Hasvanth, who we know as the simple IT professional, trying to find happiness at every step. Despite all that he tells the cops, we are told that he has done no wrong. But darkness cannot be hidden for too long. It’s a long wait and it’s worth it when you finally see the true face of evil. Is it Hasvanth or is it not?

The Sculpting


Initially, we see Hasvant impressing girls with his ability to sculpt miniature figurines with extreme ease. But like most artists, he isn’t using clay, stone or wood. The substance is almost sand-like but has an ash-like colour. What do you think it is? Wait for the moment you know it.

For more such mind-blowing entertainment, watch Spyder on ZEE5.

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