These Pictures Of Shah Rukh Khan With Son Aryan Khan Give Major Father-Son Goals

Shah Rukh Khan and his firstborn, Aryan Khan have a special bond that shows us how they love and care for each other. Here are pictures to prove it


October 13, 2021


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Since Aryan Khan’s arrest, it is very difficult for Shah Rukh Khan to stay at peace. To make things worse, his bail is taking a lot of time, giving Shah Rukh sleepless nights. As pictures came out of Shah Rukh embracing his son for a few minutes out of the court, here are moments of the Father-Son duo that speak about the strong father-son bond they share.

When Aryan Khan was 13, he looked like any normal school child who excelled at all activities in school. His father, Shah Rukh Khan was always by him no matter how busy he was. There is a picture of the father-son duo after a taekwondo state championship match that Aryan participated in. Little Aryan looked amazing as his father looked proudly at his son, who won a gold medal at the Maharashtra state Taekwondo championship. Aryan had gathered praise from many people for his winning stint.

For a Hindi dub of the movie, The Lion King, the Father-son duo gave their voices to the father and son characters Mufasa and Simba, respectively. Aryan Khan lent his voice to Simba whereas Shah Rukh voiced Mufasa’s character. In a picture shared on social media, Shah Rukh and Aryan are seen facing their backs looking at the moonlit sky with both of them wearing jerseys named by their respective characters.

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They looked too cool for the cameras visiting Las Vegas as a family. Apparently, Aryan Khan was driving while Shah Rukh Khan sat in the back looking at the side mirror. The mirror had words, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. Both looked super cool with Shah Rukh wearing dark glasses while Aryan concentrated on his driving.

It’s sad the family is going through a difficult time at the moment and the entire Bollywood and their fans have been supporting them.

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