These Pictures Of Prathap And Anusha Hegde Will Make You Say Couple Goals!

Madhu and Mansi are not with each other in Ninne Pelladatha. But if you like seeing them together, get ready for this joyride.

Sneha Bale

May 10, 2019


3 min


Popular Telugu show Ninne Pelladatha introduced us to three characters we cannot get enough of — Madhu, Mansi and Mrudula, played by Prathap Singh Shah, Anusha Hegde and Bhoomi Shetty, respectively. In the show, Mrudula is currently battling for her life after being pushed by Sarayu, Madhu’s cousin. Mansi, who is Mrudula’s sister, has always loved Madhu. She has been trying to break the relationship between Madhu and Mrudula and wants to be the only woman in Madhu’s life. Will she succeed? Only time will tell. But if have you missed seeing them together like we have, read on.

For the uninitiated, Anusha and Prathap, who met on the sets of Ninne Pelladatha, are soon going to be married to each other. They plan to tie the knot next year. Their love story has us going ‘aww’ and we can’t stop looking at their pictures. Here are some of the clicks we love.

Anusha and Prathap have been winning our hearts since the time we first saw them on screen. It is safe to say that nothing has changed yet!

The onscreen bava-mardal keeps their chemistry alive even off the screens. Did you see this coming?

From working together to winning awards together, this couple has been doing it right.

Anusha found the guy who looks at her like there’s no one else. Isn’t that G.O.A.L.S?

This random clip from the sets of Ninne Pelladatha had us all go crazy for deets! But no. They aren’t married, yet. The wait for their real wedding pictures isn’t going to be a long one though. We’re sure the pictures and the wedding will be nothing but dreamy and perfect.

Don’t Anusha and Prathap look just perfect and elegant together? What do you think?

Goofy can be picture perfect and adorable too. And they pull off being goofy together amazingly well.

This cuteness has no limit. Do you agree or do you agree?

The smiles on their faces remind us of what love looks like! We can’t get enough of this couple.

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