These Pics Of Siddharth Jadhav Prove That He’s Also A Pro Photographer Aside From Acting

The Ye Re Ye Re Paisa actor has clicked some amazing pictures that made us awed by his photography skills. Check it out yourself!

Kedar Koli

July 2, 2020


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Siddharth Jadhav, considered to be a powerhouse of energy, has been raising the stakes every time with his talents in acting. He has won several accolades for his stunning performances in superhit films like De Dhakka, Irada Pakka, Saade Maade Teen, Kho Kho. Owing to his impeccable comic timing, Siddharth landed up with Bollywood films like Simmba and Golmaal which took the actor to the peak of popularity. Apart from the silver screen, the actor also likes to keep his fans entertained on social media by uploading funny TikTok videos with his wife Trupti as well as dance videos. We recently happened to stumble upon some pictures on his Instagram profile clicked by Siddharth himself. These pictures were so good that we couldn’t help but be in awe of Siddharth’s sheer talent. Don’t believe us? Have a look at the photos clicked by the actor which will prove that he’s also a pro photographer aside from acting.

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The 38-year-old actor is ever-ready to experiment in his life. This quality of Siddharth sets him apart from other actors in the industry. Siddharth recently experimented by clicking pictures of the sunset using the pro mode on his phone. Capturing photos manually is a tough job and even professional photographers shy away from it. However, the actor impressed us all with his photography skills and managed to get some awesome-sauce pictures of the shades of sunset. Check how amazing they have turned out to be!

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माझ्या फोनच्या कॅमेरामध्ये "PRO"असे एक option ज्यात तुम्ही स्वतः Actual Camera set करून फोटो काढू शकता.. Auto option बंद करून…आणि आज सुर्यास्ताच्या वेळी मी तसे फोटो काढण्याचा प्रयत्न केला आहे .. intresting… hope u all like it 🙂🙂🙂… (काहीतरी नवीन शिकण्याचा प्रयत्न ) @tejasnerurkarr . . #siddharthjadhavphotography #samsunggalaxys10plus #photography #myphotography #sunset #midadarkar

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Siddharth also has an eye for detail which is quite evident in his photos. The actor believes in portraying emotions in its rawest form through his clicks. Here’s one such monochrome picture that the actor produced out of his camera’s shutters. The still of an old man sitting by the roadside looks heart-warming, even though the picture lacks colour. Siddharth offers a visual treat for us with this photo of his.

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जिद्द जगण्याची… आज दादर स्टेशनला हे आजोबा मला हार विकताना दिसले .. . तसा मी काय फोटोग्राफर नाही पण माझा मित्र तेजस नेरुरकर नेहमी म्हणतो की फोटोग्राफी म्हणजे फक्त क्लिक करणे नाही फोटोग्राफी म्हणजे आपल्या मनाला जे भावतं ते टिपणे….. @tejasnerurkarr आणि . Black 'n White मध्येच माणसाच्या स्वभावाचे खरे रंग दिसतात… . ( आणि हो माझं जे कर्तव्य आहे तेही मी केलय…. 🙏🙏🙏 ) #siddharthjadhavphotography #siddhumoments #positivevibes #staystrong

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Do you think that Siddharth should consider pursuing photography? Let us know in the comment box below.

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