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These Monochrome Pics Of Kiran Gaikwad Aka Devmanus’s Devi Will Make Your Heart Pound

Kedar Koli

September 30, 2020

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The Devmanus actor’s pictures in monochrome are enough to send shivers down your spine. Ready to get scared?

Kiran Gaikwad has come into the limelight with his stint in Devmanus. The actor plays the role of Devi, a serial killer who has taken up the identity of a doctor to hide his criminal record. The angelic doctor is now duping his patients of money with his suspicious acts. Kiran has become the show-stealer and has managed to grab our attention through his intense acting as Devi. A mere stare from the actor is enough for us to break into sweat, so imagine the horror when the deadly gaze is captured in monochrome. There are a few pictures shared by the actor on Instagram that would surely make your heart pound. Let’s look at these pics while hoping that the Devmanus doesn’t strike us!

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Caught in the act!

Rupa was Devi’s latest victim who was killed in a stand-off with him. She was close to exposing Devi’s truth forcing Devi to get rid of her. He hit her head with a hammer and hid her dead body inside a katta that he constructed himself. In the picture below, Kiran is caught in the act sitting besides the katta where Rupa lies buried. The caption that follows this post reads ‘construction complete’. The actor certainly knows how to be brutal in the skin of Devi. Right, guys?

The mastermind devil

Devi has been involved in shady activities since the show started a month ago. Devi used to work as a compounder at a clinic in Mumbai before fleeing with the money. On his way, he scammed an innocent farmer by tricking him to swallow a pill which put him to rest forever. Kiran was amused by Devi’s modus operandi and shared a monochrome picture with a caption suggesting Devi’s terrifying act.

The death stare

As we mentioned earlier, the actor has a death stare that sends shivers down the spine especially when you know about the character that he plays. This monochrome photo is just proof of how off-putting Kiran looks as Devi. We dare you to look him in the eye for a minute without blinking!

Shades of grey

The actor has had the experience of performing a grey role in Lagira Zhala Jee. But that didn’t stop Kiran from experimenting with the many shades of grey in Devmanus. No one can deny the fact that the actor has done a fabulous job on the show which is evident in his growing popularity. Here’s a monochrome picture where Kiran flaunts these shades of grey literally.

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Black n white or gray?

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If these monochromes scare you out of your wits, don’t worry, you’re not alone! Meanwhile, fasten your seatbelts to watch the premiere episodes of Devmanus now with the ZEE5 club pack.

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