These grooming tips from Paras Tomar and other HiPi users will make your skin glow!

Check out these videos on skin cleansing and blackhead removal tips from HiPi stars!

Tom Francis

August 30, 2020


4 min


ZEE5 recently announced the launch of HiPi, India’s very own short video making platform for every one crazy about content out there! HiPi gets you short video content from artists, dancers, chefs and everyone awesome with just a click. And if you are anyone with a talent and love for showcasing your skills, HiPi is the stage for you to be a HiPiStar! With a wide array of content to choose from some of our HiPi Stars are ready with some homemade remedies and tips to help you.

Watch the trailer of 377 Abnormal below:

For everyone worried about blackheads and acne, HiPi Stars are here to help! Lead by social media star and actor Paras Tomar, here are some quick fixes for some of the common skin problems we all face.

Who knew our ordinary lime had such medicinal properties? Check out this HiPi video from Paras, where he shows how to beat that awful acne with lime. See the video here:

Blackheads worry all of us. Don’t worry! Our Paras Tomar is here with another quick remedy to get your skin glowing with ingredients that are easily available at home. Check out the video here:

Worried about what skincare routine to follow? These online tips and vloggers might get a little confusing for us all. With so many of them out there its quite hard to figure out who to follow! HiPiStars are here to help you as you can watch some of the best bloggers out there sharing their tips with you. Check out this easy skincare routine from HiPi user:

Face scrubs can be expensive and the side-effects might leave you with a bigger issue to worry about. Here is a quick scrub fix from a talented HiPi user who shows you how to make a scrub at home. Watch the video here:

Excessive oil on our skin can lead to acne, blackheads and also some unnecessary attention too. Here is a quick remedy from a HiPi fan that is surely going to help you.

Which of these fun videos from ZEE5 HiPi did you like the most? If you also have some tips and remedies to help others, it’s your time to shine with India’s very own short-video platform HiPi, available now on ZEE5!

Share your skincare routine with HiPi now!

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