These Films With Exceptional Production Design Will Blow Your Mind

Lavish sets and breath-taking destinations, these Bollywood movies have them all.


May 10, 2021


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Bollywood has consistently been notable for actualizing its motion pictures in a high set stage. Pretty much every film has a set worth discussing, and unquestionably special cases are always there. So let us investigate the arrangements of motion pictures that made them the magnificent eye-catchers they are, through these movies on ZEE5.

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Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Palace in Welcome Back

A still from Welcome Back
A still from Welcome Back (Source: Online Portal)

 ‘Welcome Back‘ is the primary Bollywood film to get the authorization to shoot in the royal residence. It’s also the second film on the planet after ‘Quick and Furious 7’ to have taken shots at the Emirates Palace. The vault region of the castle claimed by the Abu Dhabi illustrious family has appeared as Naseeruddin Shah‘s front room in the film. The movie kicks up a tempest of absolute drivel because of fantastic comic planning by Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor. Welcome Back, a follow-up to cash turning comic cavort made all of seven years prior, is as engaging as a dunk in a trash dump. Sun City has offered an approach to Dubai and a quintet of new entertainers. John Abraham, Shruti Haasan, Dimple Kapadia, debutante Ankita Srivastava, and Naseeruddin Shah have been added to the outfit cast.

Ra. One Sci-di World

A still from Ra. One
A still from Ra. One (Source: Online Portal)

The most exorbitant Bollywood film made at its time, “Ra. One,” an anecdotal put together film based with respect to dread, is a kind of rerouting machine set to astonish all. For all its cost, mechanized effects, and increased reality feigns, “Ra. One” is a standard, thrilling, and exciting Hindi film. Brandishing a hairpiece of floppy twists, Shahrukh Khan, the film’s star, plays Shekhar, a geeky PC game architect in London. Kids appear to feel that scoundrels are undeniably intriguing people. The kid in the film tells the dad that in the event that he made a game where the Villian does not lose, it would be a sensation. To win the appreciation of his child, Prateek (Armaan Verma), he makes a game wherein the trouble maker, Ra. One is more impressive than the legend, G. One.

Tamasha’s Corsica

A still from Tamasha
A still from Tamasha (Source: Online Portal)

The Bollywood super-production “Tamasha” released in November 2015 was shot in Corsica during summer 2014. The executive, Imtiaz Ali, picked our island to have his romantic tale between the two legends, Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara (Deepika Padukone). Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha has risen up out of that side of the school flask where fantastic young men play the guitars and spout verses with the expectation that the unavoidable excursion into adulthood will be deferred. The spectator follows their sentiment from shocking Bonifacio to the real avenues of Bastia, lastly stopping at our own special Castel Brando, an uncommon chance to see our Demeure on the big screen. Complex feelings are communicated in oversimplified terms, the sentiment is virtuous to the point that a kiss appears to be radical. Genuine romance strikes just a single time and consistently among wonderful and immaculately turned-out individuals in photogenic areas. 

Anjana Anjani’s Las Vegas

A still from Anjaana Anjaani
A still from Anjaana Anjaani (Source: Online Portal)

A few people like to call Las Vegas “Hollywood East.” Las Vegas becomes Bollywood West, as the Indian component “Anjaana Anjaani” hits town for a few days of production. Bollywood heartbreakers Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra star in this movie, directed by Chief Siddharth Anand. Zayed Khan balances the featuring cast. While Akash (Kapoor) is really a regular Wall Street corporate guy who loses all that he possesses to the financial exchange crash, Kiara (Chopra) is a lively San Francisco young woman brimming with life, until her childhood sweetheart undermines her and she, as well, loses everything that she had.

Veer’s Gorgeous Sets Of The British Era

A still from Veer
A still from Veer (Source: Online Portal)

The arrangements of Veer are hypnotizing and eye-catching. Everything utilized in the imperial sets looks genuine and charming. It returned us to the maharaja’s timeframe years prior. Veer, a nationalist from the Pindhari warrior tribe during the 1850s, becomes hopelessly enamoured with the adversary group’s little girl, Princess Yashodhara. Be that as it may, before he can satisfy his romantic tale, he should satisfy his promise to his homeland, battling its adversaries – interior and outer – with bludgeon and blade. Presently, nobody is questioning the way that Salman Khan is a pureblood Veer. It takes a mess of grandiosity to get an impact from the audience when everybody is resolved to recount to a spic and span story in Bollywood. Obviously, films like Lagaan and Jodhaa Akbar managed to evoke an emotional response from the beginner watchers as well, yet they were progressive in their outlook. All around, the plotting Brits and their Indian story have been limited to the imaginative canister with regards to present-day Indian film, melody, and writing.

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