These DIY Videos Are A Great Way To Bond With Your Kids

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Ankita Tiwari

September 1, 2020


1 min


As the children begin their schools from home, they take a step towards a stressful life. We consider the lives of adults as difficult but if we look through a child’s perspective, all they know in this growing age is currently unavailable or distorted. Playgrounds, friends, outings and other things that make them happy are all out of their reach. So as a parent or guardian, all you can do is spend time with them and make them feel better. But how amazing would it be if you spent time and made it a constructive span in which your kids gain some creative knowledge? ZEE5 Kids has brought some exclusive shows like The Art Room and Engineer This. These shows have DIY videos that can keep your kid indulged and make their left-brain active!

Watch an episode of how the DIY works.

So what do you think? Are you going to spend more creative time together now? Stream more shows, films, and series on ZEE5!

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