These 10 Quotes By Meri Hanikarak Biwi’s Jiyaa Shankar Will Help You Sail Through The Week

A subtle way of living isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but Jiyaa Shankar is a perfect example.

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February 28, 2019


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We often depend on others to make us happy or feel good about ourselves and when we don’t get the expected results, we end up getting stressed. Little did we know that our happiness depends on only one thing and that’s us! In the race to achieve things, we often forget to spend time with our own self. This subtle way of living isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but one of our celebs set a perfect example while doing so. Jiyaa Shankar from Meri Hanikarak Biwi knows how to live her life and celebrate her own company. Be it her on-screen character or the real-life personality, both are full of life. As we say this, have a look at one of the episodes of the show:

If you are feeling a bit stressed or low, these posts by Jiyaa Shankar will help you sail through the week.

1. What is yours will gradually come to you!


2. You gotta believe in yourself.


3. Cheers to those who don’t give up!


4. Your happiness lies within you.


5. Cherish what you have.


6. You deserve everything you think you deserve!


7. Whoa, how interesting this fact is.

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So Ive been sketching since i was little and everyone really appreciated that, that was the only thing i was good at according to people and that made me believe it myself too. But i knew it bored me after a while. It wasn't something i would wanna do forever, I'm moody when it comes to sketching. I was also a shy kid so nobody could actually think of what career i could choose for myself and i literally had no interest in anything at all. Until one day my mom asked me to join theatre to overcome my stage fear, well I'd do anything mom asked me to as shes the one who can manipulate me easily even today but also cause it had nothing to do with studies, haha . So i gave that a shot and it was fun but I couldn't really overcome my shyness or fear to act/speak in front of so many people. After doing workshops at Actor prepares i started auditioning and finally got my first film in south. I was really happy, id never been so happy in my entire life. That was that day and today I know this is something that i wanna do for the rest of my life. Something that gives me tremendous happiness and something i can never get bored of. I know its a difficult field to be in and there are so many people to discourage,who tell me you're wasting your time and that its enough. Try something else. What you want is hard to get. There's way too much competition and you're not that good enough to compete with them. I DO NOT FEAR WHAT THEY SAY, I FEAR IF I START SAYING THE SAME TO MYSELF. So before you start believing in what fears them you gotta BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND YOUR DREAM. Anything is possible if and only if YOU BELIEVE IT IS POSSIBLE. Success stories are made of those who have been through hardships. Hardships come to those who're fighters, just keep going and DONT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM ! #morningmotivation

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8. Boundless and free.


9. Everything is temporary!


10. Stop pleasing, start living!

All in all, we learned that you are the master of your own fate and you’ve got it all to make things happen.

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