The War Of Flowers, an upcoming Thai TV show, pay respects to Lord Ganesha

The War Of Flowers, an upcoming Thai TV show, began their filming by praying to Lord Ganesha. The pictures from the ceremony went viral on Instagram. We did some digging to find out why was that done and why Thai people worship Lord Ganesha.

March 17, 2021


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A few pictures from the sets of a Thai TV show called The War Of Flowers are doing rounds of Instagram. They have the cast and crew praying to Lord Ganesha. That obviously made us quite interested in the TV show and also this practice of Thailand. We did some digging and found out that the country worships Lord Ganesha as Phra Phikanet or Phra Phikanesuan…the God of success and fortune. He is also worshipped as the one who removes obstacles or as is known in India, Vighnaharta. Makers of ‘Mumbai Saga’ Release Upbeat Track ‘Danka Baja’ with Tribute to Lord Ganesha

Thai TV Show Takes Blessings From Lord Ganesha Before Shoot; Pics of The War Of Flowers Crew Doing Prayers Go Viral

According to Wikipedia, many television and film production companies in Thailand have a huge statue of Ganesha in front of their premises. Many TV shows also offer their prayers to Him before filming begins and that’s what the crew of The War Of Flowers was doing.

Check out the pictures here…


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Here are the entire cast and crew of The War Of Flowers


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Here are some more clicks from the sets.

The War Of Flower is a Thai show directed by Golf Tanwarin Sukkhapisit and is a GMMTV production.

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