The Scientist hitmakers, Coldplay announce a new track titled ‘Weirdo’!

The wait for Coldplay fans is over, a snippet of the track Weirdo appeared on Tik Tok for a 24-hour period


September 10, 2021


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If you are one to frequently go back to the classic Coldplay songs like Paradise, then brace yourselves because Chris Martin has announced that Coldplay will be releasing a new track called ‘Weirdo’ very soon. It will be a part of a musical.

This was revealed on the You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, the comedy interview. Chris said: “We have a new song called ‘Weirdo’ which has been waiting to come out for a long time because we’re doing a kind of musical and this song has been waiting for that.” The last musical by Coldplay came out in 2018 when the band put together a Game Of Thrones musical alongside the cast of the hit HBO series for Comic Relief.

Coldplay’s ninth studio album

However, ‘Weirdo’ isn’t on the tracklist for Coldplay’s ninth studio album, which will be released on October 15. The album, titled ‘Music of The Spheres’ has been produced by Max Martin. Their recent tracks also include the lead single number ‘Higher Power’ which came out in May and was released through a collaboration with the International Space Station. A snippet of the track also appeared on Tik Tok for a 24-hour period, beginning Monday (May 3).

It was promoted as a form of “extraterrestrial transmission”. The band also previewed the video to French European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Piquet who was aboard the International Space  Station at the time, before its public release.

In hindsight, Chris had speculated that “Higher Power” was inspired by the movie series Star. He would often wonder what music on other planets sounds like.  In the music video for ‘Higher Power’, the band performs on the fictional planet of Kaotica. Kaotica, the new planet is “populated by robot dogs, giant holograms and a street gang of dancing aliens”. That was indeed an ultra-modern and sci-fi track that was nevertheless rooted in the idea that life can be boundless and mysterious!

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