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The Power: 7 Best Scenes From The Crime Thriller That Mahesh Manjrekar Nailed It

Vatsal Thakore

February 18, 2021

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Here is a list of the seven best scenes from Vidyut Jammwal and Shruti Haasan’s latest action thriller, The Power, that will keep you hooked to the film.

The Power is a crime drama film written and directed by Mahesh Manjrekar. Starring Vidyut Jammwal, Shruti Haasan, Prateik Babbar and Mahesh Manjrekar, the film has a different take on Hollywood classic, The Godfather (1972). The film has been well shot and directed, keeping its dark tones and a sense of ominosity alive, throughout. Here is a list of the seven best scenes from the film that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you admire its well-written characters.


The Opening Scene

A still from the film

The opening scene of The Power itself gets us intrigued by creating a sense of suspense and a heavy backstory. In the opening scene, Prateik Babbar’s character, Ranjeet, is arguing with a lawyer and another man about what business he will be handling. He mentions that after Kalidas Thakur’s death, he should have been made in charge of everything. Just then, Kalidas Thakur (Mahesh Manjrekar) makes an appearance, shocking him. The film then takes us a few years back to the story that led there.


The Assassination Attempt

A still from the film

Kalidas Thakur is the head of a criminal empire that handles multiple businesses while keeping good relations with the cops and the politicians. Once, he is approached by another crime lord, requesting support in his drug business. Kalidas Thakur, a man of principles, rejects the offer. The crime lord, upset by this, attempts to assassinate Kalidas. The scene of that attempt has a nice tone and a quick pace, not making it overdramatic.

Devidas Taking Charge

A still from the film

Devidas Thakur (Vidyut Jammwal) is Kalidas’ younger son, who has kept his distance from the criminal business of the family. He is someone who wants to be a successful chef in Singapore. However, the attempt on his father’s life makes him take up the charge to lead the business and also seek revenge from those who tried to kill his father. At that moment we see him assuming the responsibility for his family, establishing the fact that he would do anything and go to any lengths for his family.

Potya Confronting The Driver, Babban

A still from the film

When Devidas realises that their driver, Babban, was a sell-out and he was one of the people responsible for the assassination attempt on Kalidas, he sends a henchman to confront Babban. The henchman, Potya, is familiar with Babban’s house and family and when he visits, he very naturally sits down with Babban to join him in his dinner. While having dinner, he confronts Babban about being a sell-out, with a cool demeanour and later shoots him dead. That scene, though foreseen, creates a moment of shock for everyone.

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Parveen’s Transformation

A still from The Power
Source: ZEE5

After Parveen (Shruti Haasan) finds out that her father was killed by one of the Thakur family members by putting false accusations on him, she vows to get her revenge and kill all the Thakurs. Until that scene, we saw her as a cheerful girl, very much in love with Devidas. But that one moment transforms her into an unforgiving person, who was even willing to kill the one she loved. That transformation is electrifying to watch and increases our intrigue for the next part of the film.

Ranjeet’s Confrontation

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Ranjeet was the son-in-law of the Thakur family and was shown as a despicable person from the beginning. He kept making blunders and even turned abusive in his marriage. Because of which, his eldest brother-in-law, Ramdas Thakur (Jisshu Sengupta) expressed his anger towards Ranjeet multiple times. Then came a moment when Ranjeet, with his team, cornered Ramdas and made him powerless. His confrontation with Ramdas was a very dark scene that took the ominous feel of the film to the next level.

The Last Fight

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A list of the best scenes of a Vidyut Jammwal movie cannot be complete without including one of his fighting scenes from the film. Near the end of the film, when all is revealed, Devidas is filled with rage and power to fight off all his enemies. This scene fills you up with excitement and energy. Vidyut perfectly manages to keep his expressions in check while delivering these powerful action scenes. Another highlight of this scene is his fight with Salil Ankola’s character. Salil Ankola has beefed up a lot for this film, getting the look of a powerful killer, like The Mountain from Game Of Thrones.

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