The PerCheck App Brings Back Core Values and Seals the Deal With a Digital Handshake

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more cautious of interacting with others in person. Likewise, most people have trust issues when interacting online.

May 11, 2021



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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become more cautious of interacting with others in person. Likewise, most people have trust issues when interacting online. Whether it’s purchasing something, dating someone, or hiring a professional from a company with great reviews, no one can be 100 percent certain they will get what’s being advertised. All of those scenarios are about to change with a new platform – the PerCheck app.

The PerCheck App Brings Back Core Values and Seals the Deal With a Digital Handshake

Leo Baranes, CEO of PerCheck, states that the solution lies in allowing others to review their next experience before it occurs. Imagine if every company, person, or service you have ever interacted or connected with came personally recommended by a trusted friend – all without the need to feel worried about being scammed or cheated. This peace of mind is precisely what the team at PerCheck envisions for their new app.

Baranes adds that the app offers a much-needed solution to a widely existent issue – a lack of truthfulness in self-presentation. “There is a lack of trust between individuals, largely stemming from recurring negative experiences when looking to meet, date, or hire in the digital world.” In other words, getting burned in the past tends to put a damper on similar experiences in the future.

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Baranes says the solution is simple – better information. The PerCheck app eliminates the worry of being scammed or cheated almost entirely. “We had a young woman who contacted us to say ‘thank you’ and stated the app prevented her from dating a married man – thanks to one of our features called ‘Virtual Rings’ which shows on a certain profile when the person looking to connect with you is already in a relationship,” Baranes says.

Here’s how PerCheck works. The app requires a mutual agreement between users before an interaction can take place. This patent-pending “Digital Handshake” allows the users to assess a person’s values and character resume, as well as their skills and abilities. The information used for this disclosure comes from previous and mutually approved interactions with others. These experiences then create a portal into a person’s true character.

Baranes and his team believe PerCheck is just the right tool our digital world needs to rebuild trust and encourage a commitment to be better. Whether in the dating or business world, the PerCheck app rewards users with deserved top-ranked reviews based on authentic effort. This validation of your character assures that you and others are fairly ranked. It also provides the confidence needed to pick a dating partner or schedule an interview.

We would all like validation or confirmation prior to making an online purchase, making a new romantic connection, or proceeding with a new hire. Ex. A company with raving reviews can have many employees, and you can never be certain who will show up at your door. They may have had prior negative experiences with other clients, or may have just been hired and aren’t quite capable of completing the job at hand. This is because online reviews are posted for the company as a whole, not each individual. PerCheck does just that, allowing its users to see exactly who they may be interacting with, micro focusing on the individual, and having the option of choosing another individual or company, before the interaction – “Make the right connection, every time.”

Compared to the competition, PerCheck is miles above since other apps have no way to prevent dishonest intentions such as enhanced or fake profiles, and reviews with paid marketing ads and campaigns. With PerCheck, users are awarded for their interactions and keeping their good score higher than the competitors, not for the money they spend in the app. As previously mentioned, both parties must agree on any interaction. Additionally, the folks at PerCheck have another trick up their sleeve to make their app the best.

PerCheck only allows users to have a single account – that’s it. This safety measure means you cannot sign up, neglect your clients, scam someone, and then delete your PerCheck profile and sign up again under a similar name without your old profile appearing too. This feature reiterates the importance of accountability and showcases PerCheck as the go-to platform where users looking to hire, date, and meet can do so safely before the actual connection.

How else is PerCheck different? All users start with a perfect score. It is up to them to maintain a high-level profile by consistently putting forth the effort to receive positive feedback. And feedback on PerCheck is entirely anonymous and protected with a very smart algorithm. When leaving or receiving feedback, the other user is not aware who left it, allowing all users to view honest and unbiased reviews about their potential new connection or hire. This anonymity ensures the true and correct input of others, keeping people honest.

The PerCheck Team explains that feedback and scores are based on ten different core values, including honesty, professionalism, courtesy, and commitment. Feedback centered around these personal characteristics provides an accurate depiction of who your next connection truly is as a person.

The team is also working on new fun ways to enhance the dating experience through the app. This includes interactive games, and setting up ‘blind matches’ based on matching interests and core-value scoring. “The dating world is like a meat market. You are being judged based on your profile photo, not your true character. This gets old really fast and very often leads to a disappointing mismatch. We want to change that,” Baranes says.

If you want a different result to your past hiring or dating experiences, the PerCheck app is right for you. Bring honesty and a focus on core values back to hiring, meeting, and dating with anonymous feedback that builds genuine profiles and calls out shady ones. With PerCheck, maintaining a stellar profile is easy when you put positive character traits first.

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