The Bond Between Daughters’ Preeta And Shrishti With Their Mother Is Precious, Here’s Why

Daughter’s Day Special: A Look Into the topsy-turvy relation between Sarla and her two daughters.

Mahima Maniar

September 23, 2020



6 min


ZEE5’s hit show Kundali Bhagya shows the bittersweet relationship between Sarla (Supriya Shukla) and Preeta (Shraddha Arya). Despite not knowing that Sarla is her mother, both Preeta and Shrishti (Anjum Fakih) take care of her.

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The two sisters take pride in hailing from a small town and managing in a big city like Mumbai. They take refuge at Sarla’s place without knowing that she is their mother. It is the mother’s love for her daughters and vice versa that makes this show so beautiful and emotionally relatable.

Take a look at 10 instances where this show highlights the precious mother-daughter  bond:

When Abhi brings Preeta and Shrishti to Sarla’s place, she candidly starts talking about her daughter Pragya. Marriage does not tamper with a mother-daughter’s bond. It just makes it stronger. Sarla sees the reflection of her daughter in the two sisters before she realises that they are related to her.

A daughter’s heart always thinks first about her family. This was clear when Preeta overhears Sarla telling beeji that they were in debt and needed to arrange three lakh rupees within a week or else they would have had to give up the Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Preeta goes back to her room and ponders upon how to help Sarla out of this situation.

When Shrishti is put behind the bars, Sarla and Preeta go to the police station. As the inspector defames Shrishti, it is then that Sarla reveals that she is their mother. The two sisters are taken aback by this revelation. Although Sarla couldn’t watch them grow up, she defends Shrishti will all her heart and might.

In a simple yet adorable scene, when Sarla asks Shrishti to get some vegetables from a nearby shop, she makes excuses and lazes around. She doesn’t budge despite Sarla’s constant attempts to send her. Ultimately, she pleads her sister Preeta to do her bidding. This sweet nok-jhok will surely bring a smile on your face.

When Preeta works at the Luthra house, seeing the engagement preparation at home, she gets emotional. Although she does not like Kareena’s attitude towards her, but she understands her maternalistic feelings for her daughter. The financial burden looms over Preeta’s head, and she takes an oath to help her mother come what may.

When Kareena blames Preeta for the missing ruby from the necklace, Shrishti calls their mother Sarla for help. She immediately goes to the Luthra family’s house and stands up to those who were bullying her daughter. Preeta runs to hug Sarla, and at that moment, we know that mother’s hug and presence can mend everything.

On Preeta’s bidaai, everyone gets emotional. Sarla takes the moment to explain how much happiness Preeta had brought to her life. She also tells Karan to take care of her and give her all the love in the world. Sarla further says that to see tears in her daughter’s eyes feels really painful. In an extremely delicate situation, this is the moment that shines out.

When Karan betrays Preeta after their marriage, she goes back to her home. She still considers herself to be married, but Sarla insists her to get married to Prithvi. This tear-jerking scene shows that a daughter would go any lengths to make her mother happy. Seeing Sarla’s health deteriorate, Preeta agrees to marry Prithvi the same day when Karan is to get engaged to Mahira.

When Sarla is put behind the bars for an offence that she did not commit, Shrishti and Preeta take it upon themselves to unearth the truth and free their mother. The tears of joy on Preeta’s face when Sarla is brought out of the prison is unparalleled.

When Preeta is made aware of Karan’s vicious plans, she feels helpless. But her understanding mother Sarla comes to her rescue. She tells her that if there is even the slightest problem in the wedding which would make Preeta unhappy, then she would call the wedding off then and there. This throws light on the undying love of a mother to protect her daughter. Society will always talk behind everyone’s back, but Sarla’s first concern was her daughter’s smile and happiness over everything else. We all need such a bond in our life.

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