The Mid-Week Playlist Of Your Favourite Romantic Kannada Songs Is Ready. Are You?

Parinika Uchil

June 19, 2019


1 min

1. Love Aagoythe Nin Myaale

A Still Of Namma Favourite Kiccha In The Song Love Aagoythe Nin Myaale

In life, monotony is inevitable. Whenever you are bored with the same old routine of life, you do things like watching movies or going out to a restaurant to feel better right? Similarly, how many of you check out new songs to change your mood? If you are going through a boring week, we’ve saved you the time and created an awesome love-filled playlist for you.

Starting with this Kiccha song from The Villain. It is my favourite only because of how beautifully it has been made. Sudeep’s fans will get to see him in not one but three different getups! Amy Jackson, too, is a treat to watch.

2. Thraas Aakkathi

Source: Youtube

One of Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar’s best movies is Doddmane Hudga, starring opposite Radhika Pandit. Namma Rebel Star too has done a fabulous job in the film. The song Thraas Aakkathi went viral on social media portals like Tiktok because many fans shot their version of this awesome track.

3. Kanmuchi Nenedaga

Source: ZEE5

Namma Navrasa Nayaka Jaggesh’s Melkote Manja not only gave us a good story but also some good songs as well. Take this song, for example, a soulful romantic track that you can listen to if you are feeling under the weather!

4. Chuttu Chuttu

Source: YouTube

A very popular track from the comedy-thriller Raambo 2, starring Ashika Rangnath and Sharan. It is filled with pop-colours and exciting backdrops. The icing on the cake is Arjun Janya’s musical score.

5. Hey Hudugi

Divya Uruduga And Balu Nagendra In A Still From Huliraya

With elements of tribal music, a fantastic love song if you are looking for something soothing. The song itself has a peppy pace but keeps the slow aspect of it intact. Balu Nagendra and Divya Uruduga’s chemistry is on another level because of how comfortable they look with each other.

Did you like our playlist? Which song was your favourite? We are excited to read your comments in the section below.

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