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The Kapil Sharma Show: Vaani Kapoor Blushes On Host Kapil Sharma’s Comment; Read To Know What – Video Inside


December 1, 2021

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In the latest promo of the much loved Kapil Sharma Show, the host is seen making Vaani Kapoor blush. Read on to know what made the actress blush so hard

In the latest episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Vaani Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana are going to mark their presence for the promotion of ther upcoming film, Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. The actress is seen because of host Kapil Sharma’s comment.

In the video, Kapil teased Ayushmann about the title of his film, Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. “Toh yeh jo Ballia, Ratlam, Bhubaneswar, yeh log kya kare (If the people of Chandigarh are going to romance, what should the people of Ballia, Ratlam and Bhubaneswar do)?” he asked.

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Vaani blushed as Kapil told her, “Chandigarh wale ke saath aap aashiqui kar rahi hai (You are romancing a man from Chandigarh).” Making a reference to himself, he continued, “Amritsar wale kahaan jaaye, border cross kar lein hum (So what should the men from Amritsar do? Should we cross the border)?” The comment cracked her up.

Kapil also told Vaani that he is often accused of giving attention only to the actresses who come on The Kapil Sharma Show. Pointing at Ayushmann, he said, “Isiliye maine aate hi inse do sawaal pooche, ab mera saara din focus aap pe hi hai (That is why I started by asking him two questions, now I will focus on you for the rest of the day).”

Vaani gave everyone a tongue twister to try – ‘Road roller, load roller, upper roller, lower roller’. While Kapil got the first half right, Ayushmann failed to say any of it correctly, despite repeated attempts.

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Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui follows Manvinder aka Manu (Ayushmann), a weightlifting champion who spends all day at the gym, and his relationship Maanvi (Vaani), a Zumba instructor. He wants to marry her after a whirlwind romance but is shocked when she reveals to him that she is a trans woman. The film is scheduled to open in theatres on December 10 2021.

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