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The Kapil Sharma Show: Saif Ali Khan Could Never Praise Women Infront Of His Wife Kareena Kapoor Khan; Here’s Why


November 16, 2021

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In a recent appearance on the famous Kapil Sharma show, Saif Ali Khan shared he couldn’t praise any woman infront of Kareena Kapoor Khan. Here is the actual reason

Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukerji recently made an appearance for the upcoming film Bunty Aur Babli 2’s promotions on the famous The Kapil Sharma Show. The audience enjoyed the episode thoroughly and Saif had put on his funny hat.

In the episode, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukerji, and Kapil Sharma talked about their respective partners. The trio discussed how observant their partners are in real life. While Saif is married to Kareena Kapoor, Rani is married to Yash Raj Films head, Aditya Chopra, and Kapil is married to Ginni Chatrath.

Saif Ali Khan had made a shocking reaction to Rani’s statement when she said that it’s okay to praise someone if they are beautiful. To which Saif had responded that he could never praise women in front of his wife, Kareena Kapoor Khan. Talking about the same he added, To praise some woman in front of your wife? He doesn’t think so. He doesn’t have a choice.

Why not? Rani said. To which Saif had said, “Very bad. Kaunsi aurat? Koi hai hi nahi.” The statement didn’t go down well with Rani who then said, “Excuse me!” Saif, in an attempt to save the situation, turned towards her and said, “Yes of course, arre main kaha phas gaya yaar.” Their conversation left the crowd in shock, as Saif Ali Khan had looked a little nervous during this conversation.

It was the host, Kapil Sharma, who had started the discussion and shared that his wife, Ginni knows when he’s looking at other women. He said, he and his wife were going through Lokhandwala Back Road and he was seated in the front seat while Ginni was seated at the back. Suddenly Ginni said, ‘look, look’. When he saw, a woman was jogging and she looked beautiful he asked, ‘Why what happened?’ She replied, Tumhari miss na ho jaye.

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While Rani had found Kapil’s story ‘sweet’ and said, if someone looks good, then there’s no harm in complimenting them. Saif Ali Khan then asked her if she would do something like that with her husband, Aditya? To which Rani responded funnily. She said she wouldn’t need to do it, he would do it anyway.

The film, Bunty Aur Bubli 2 is slated to release on November 19, 2021.

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