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The Kapil Sharma Show: A Man From Audience Causes Major Occurs On the Show; Threatens Terence Lewis And Demands Money


October 8, 2021

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On the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show an audience member intervened the show and demanded money from Terence Lewis. As report, he created a major ruckus that left everyone in shock. Read on to know more details

Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapur and Malaika Arora arrived as guests on the recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show to promote their upcoming dance reality show, India’s Best Dancer. The reality show is returning for the second season.
As the show was going on and everybody was enjoying it, an audience member of the show barged and intervented. He wanted to share an unfortunate incident that happened with him, associated with Terence Lewis. As he started sharing his story, he told that he was a struggling dancer and was looking out for some work. He had reached out to Terence’s office for the same. As he visited Terence’s office, he saw four to five other people like him looking for some dancing gigs. He said that Terence’s team told him and others to rehearse and they went on with their practice. He wanted to meet Terence but that was not possible so he requested to meet his assistant.

The team didn’t say anything firm to him but gave him the assurance that they would help him. After a while, he was able to meet Terence’s assistant. The assistant told him to perform on some songs and suggested him to have some costume changes and the time went by. He got off and told the assistant to refer him if there’s an opportunity coming up.

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After a month he called Terence’s office and asked but they said they didn’t like his dance. They told him to send Rs. 50,000 and they would help him to get through the audition round of a show. He made the transaction. After hearing to all this, Geeta Kapur asked the man if Terence himself asked him for the money or had any conversation with him but the man claimed that he was not sure if Terence was involved or not but surely his assistant was. Lewis was all confused and didn’t know what has happened but he took the man’s detail and told him that he will get to the roots of the matter and help him.

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The man was not satisfied with the response and was very pissed off and threatened to stop the show if the money was not returned to him. He even refused to leave the show. As the security reached him to take him off the show, Kapil Sharma went up to the man and said that everyone applauded for the man for his phenomenal performance and told everyone that all this was a prank.

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