The Grown Ups actor, Adam Sandler turns a year older

The Grown Ups actor, Adam Sandler turns a year older


September 9, 2021


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The Big Daddy star, Adam Sandler is all set to turn over one more leaf in his chequered career. Born on September 9, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York to Stanley Sandler and Judy Sandler, Adam Richard Sandler turns 55 today. Loved by his fans for his comic roles in films such as The Wedding Singer, The Longest Yard, Adam Sandler has also endeared himself to the kids lending his voice to many an animated film, including the much loved Hotel Transylvania film series.

Estimated to be worth around $300 million, Adam Sandler of Ashkenazi Jewish ethnicity uses the moniker ‘Sandman’. Adept in all facets of filmmaking, Adam Sandler has left his mark not just as an actor, but also as a producer and writer, a role that he has carried with aplomb in many films.

Fans recognise Sandler for his roles as Robert ‘Bobby’ Boucher Junior in The Waterboy, Paul Crewe in The Longest Yard and Zohan Dvir aka Scrappy Coco in You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. His versatility can also be gauged from the fact that he has left a mark in television, either as a guest, actor and even as host. Another facet of Adam Sandler is his penchant for music proof of which is seen from his albums They’re All Gonna Laugh At You, What The Hell Happened To Me, What’s Your Name, Stan, and Judy’s Kid, and Shhh… Don’t Tell.

Besides regaling fans with his onscreen antics, Adam Sandler also takes time off to post funny videos of his on the greens. “It is 25-years since I have done this,” the actor says as he sends the golf ball soaring off the pin with his Brassie. Father to Sadie Sandler and Sunny Sandler, Adam Sandler besides being a doting father, is also a loving husband to actor Jacqueline Titone.

Nominations and awards have followed Adam Sandler with more than 45 awards and 120 plus nominations to boot. A man with many funny bones and with the art of knowing how to tickle the same in others, one can only look forward to sharing laffs with this multi-talented personality. We wish him a very happy birthday!

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