Kaido, Banto, Ranjha, Heer: Meet The Ensemble Cast That Makes Heer Ranjha Entertaining


May 29, 2020


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Ranjha Aka Dheedo


When you have source material as popular as the story of Heer and Ranja, you need talent that will not only justify the characters, but can also give something extra that makes the adaptation entertaining. A tale of two estranged lovers like Heer and Ranjha is unknown to almost no one. So, when the Zee Punjabi serial Heer Ranjha decides to retell the saga with a series, they get the best actors to portray the iconic characters. Here we are with the list of characters and actors that make this show incredible.

Let’s start with our immortal lover Dheedo aka Ranjha. A man from Takht Hazara, he sails through the seas of hatred and sets up an example of true love. Ranjha is not only a loyal lover, but he is a faithful friend and dutiful son too. With time, he faces numerous challenges, but with the help of strong convictions, Ranjha succeeds in overcoming all obstacles. Amaninder Pal Singh has got into the skin of Ranjha and set a benchmark that will be remembered for any later adaptations.

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Without Heer (played by Sara Gurpal), Ranjha’s life is incomplete. Heer is a vibrant and beautiful girl from Jhang who knows how to take a stand. She is a fearless lover, a brave daughter, and a straight-forward person. Heer is a girl who can go against anyone for the sake of truth and justice, even if her uncle comes in her way. Heer has also proved herself many times. For her love, she can go to any extent. It is great to see an actor-singer like Sara who has played the role in such a nuanced manner that now it is unimaginable to think of Heer as anyone apart from her.



In every love story, there is an antagonist who makes the lovers’ lives miserable. These are people who get jealous of true love and inseparable lovers. Heer Ranjha has not one but several antagonists. But the primary villain of their life, the one who is responsible for Heer and Ranjha’s sad end, is Kaido. Heer’s uncle Kaido is a downright unfaithful, lecherous person. Rahul Jaitly has made this character memorable with his remarkable presence and performance. Whenever you see Kaido, you can expect something bad… something really bad!



Like Heer Ranjha too has a ghar ka bhedhi — his elder sister-in-law — Allahrakhi. Right from Ranjha’s birth, Allahrakhi envies him. Allahrakhi considers Ranjha as the biggest obstacle of her life and can’t stand the sight of him. She is solely responsible for casting Ranjha out of his house. Kavya Pathak has played the role with utmost certainty and earned a special mention here. She has donned the character so well, that as soon as she appears, you are bound to hate her.



Heer has not only an evil uncle like Kaido but is also cursed to have an aunt like Banto. Heer’s aunt never wanted her to exist, she has even tried to kill her twice. Banto wants her child, Pakko, to flourish and she hates that Heer is everyone’s favourite. Banto and Kaido have teamed up, and together, they plan and plot against Heer. Dr Ambar Bedi portrays the character of Banto with such ease that you might get scared when you see her in real life. Her wide eyes and evil smirk are more than enough to make a scene interesting.

Malki And Shahji


Heer’s parents, Malki and Shahji, are the ones who support and love Heer the most. Being the headman of Jhang, Shahji is also a very strict disciplinarian and believes in justice. For justice, he can even punish Heer. On the other hand, Malki is a woman of grace and calm. Heer is fortunate to be blessed with such parents. Kiranjit Kaur has done full justice to Malki’s character and as soon as you see her, you know that she can’t hurt anyone, whereas Rohit Tannan has also scored full points as Chuchak Chaudary. If you see Rohit in real life, it will be tough to recognise him, as he is much younger than his character, but his conviction makes it so believable.



Now, this another interesting character worth mentioning. Chinndo is the house help of Heer’s family. Being a eunuch, Chinndo is the least suspected person in Heer’s family, but Chinndo is equally evil. There are many instances where Chinndo brought in a new twist and made it tough for Heer. Honey Shergill has taken the challenge of playing this role and he essays it really well. The trio of Kaido-Banto-Chinndo is nothing less than havoc and destruction.



If Ranjha has an evil sister-in-law Allahrakhi, he also has a noble soul in his best friend Shaukat. When Allahrakhi neglected child Dheedo aka Ranjha, Shaukat was the one who cared for him. Shaukat has saved Dheedo many times and their pious relationship is ruined by Allahrakhi’s allegations. Mayuri Chopra puts up an honest performance as Shaukat, and for once, you really think that she’s Ranjha’s real-life bhabhi. The confrontation scene between Dheedo and Shaukat is one of the best scenes of the show.

So this it the army of talent that has made the show Heer Ranjha so entertaining. Which your favourite character from the show? Let us know with your comment below.

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