The Comedy Couple Pyaar Ka Horoscope Is The Spot-on Prediction You Need Now (Just For Laughs)

The Comedy Couple is a ‘com-rom’ about two stand-up comedians in love. These horoscopes are your romantic dreams with a funny twist.

Kenneth Carneiro

October 16, 2020



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Comedy Couple on ZEE5 is one of the first movies in Hindi with the leading characters playing the roles of stand-up comedians. Saqib Saleem and Shweta Basu Prasad play the roles of stand-up comedians who are also a romantic couple. The film is is set in Delhi and will offer a look at the lively and growing stand-up scene in Gurgaon.

Watch the trailer for Comedy Couple here.

Here are some of the Pyaar Ka Horoscopes that you can read.

We decided to add to this horoscope too.

Aquarius: You will fall in love with the person dreams are made of. You will wish to spend every waking moment with them. But you will only be able to dream about them, because they are characters in a book and not a real person.

Virgo: An recent ex will return in your life once again. You think it will reignite an old flame but they only want you to return a phone charger that was left behind without.

Capricorn: Your marriage will go through a rocky patch after you find our partner missing from bed at night. You will find them cheating on you eating the leftover ice-cream from the fridge you promised to share equally.

Think you can add to this horoscope? Add your funny predictions to the Instagram post. Watch Saqib Saleem in the romantic comedy film Dil Junglee alongside Taapsee Pannu streaming on ZEE5.

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