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The Casino Review: A Bold Show Where Fight For Power Sizzles And Thrills In Equal Measure

Kenneth Carneiro

June 12, 2020

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Mandana Karimi and Karanvir Bohra shine in this ZEE5 Original series where you should be prepared to expect the unexpected, always.

The Casino is a potboiler that hooks you right from the first scene and keeps you guessing right until the end. This series is led by Karanvir Bohra, Mandana Karimi and Sudhanshu Pandey but it has a brilliant cast of supporting actors including Pooja Banerjee, Rajesh Khera, Mantra, Aindrita Ray among others. This series is a kind of masala entertainer with exciting action, bold scenes and a story that has your complete attention.

Watch the trailer for The Casino here.

The story of The Casino is a classic power struggle. Rehana (Mandana Karimi) is an exotic dancer at Casino Celebre. However, she has big plans to one day take control of The Casino. She tries to woo the owner Shivendra Marwah (Sudhanshu Pandey) breaking his marriage and becoming his mistress. However, when he begins doubting her, she turns to his son Vicky Marwah (Karanvir Bohra) for support. Will the Marwah’s realise the game being played against them? You have to watch the show to find out.

This series is based on the idea that money corrupts people. Every character in this series has some ulterior motive and hidden plan behind their every action. This will make it difficult for you to predict what is going to happen next. You will find yourself rooting for different characters all through the series. However, the main battle is between Rehana and Vicky.

With their story being the main conflict in this season of the show, Mandana Karimi and Karanvir Bohra both put in commendable performances. Karanvir plays the role of Vicky who goes from being in awe of his father to finding himself trying to fit in his father’s shoes. Mandana Karimi is the real star who uses her sexuality as a weapon and transforms from a masterful con artist to a ruthless queen.

The two other characters that will catch your eye are Pooja Banerjee as Rhea, who is actually driven mad by the constant fight for power in her family. Once you reach the ending of the series you will definitely want to know more about her character. The police officer named Inspector Ram brings a different intensity to his role where he refuses to take money or let his greed stop him from finding out the truth.

The series is shot extensively in Nepal and the director Hardik Gujjar uses the lovely locations in the hills well. He even brings the high-class world of big shots to screen quite well. There are a lot of men in suits, women in shimmering outfits, expensive-looking sets and for some reason a huge obsession with cigars!

You can watch the new season of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain, which also stars Pooja Banerjee, streaming on ZEE5

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