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The Big Picture X Bigg Boss 15: Salman Khan And Ranveer Singh Double Up Fun And Entertainment Dose; Make Contestants Go ROFL


November 6, 2021

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Set to make Bigg Boss 15 and The Big Picture much more exciting and fun-filled, host Salman Khan along with Ranveer Singh indulge the celeb contestants and fans with a fun-filled fiesta on Diwali

Where Bigg Boss 15 has always been about how the contestants play their game strongly with their mind and wit and also take stands for themselves whenever needed, it also places importance on how only it is the survival of the strongest and most loved celebs in the show and on the flip side, The Big Picture is also about having the confidence and guts for turning your dreams into a reality.

Making Bigg Boss 15 and The Big Picture more fun and captivating, we see how our favorite host and global superstar Salman Khan along with Ranveer Singh are seen indulging the celeb contestants on the occasion of Diwali for a fun-filled night.

We see how both Ayush Sharma and Salman Khan came to Ranveer Singh’s game show The Big Picture to promote their highly anticipated film Antim: The Final Truth.

It is during their game that Ranveer Singh decides to ask a fun question to Salman which then gets the Bigg Boss 15 contestants involved as well.

We see how Ranveer Singh whilst interacting with all contestants of Bigg Boss 15 says that he is going to ask a question to Salman Khan but if Jay Bhanushali’s answer to the same is wrong then Jay’s winning amount will be zero.

On this Jay, Bhanushali says that if he gives a wrong answer then everyone’s big picture is going to be put up inside the house.

Later on, when Salman Khan is seen asking that who was the contestant in the Bigg Boss 15 house which said that he will give money, in response to this, Jay quickly reveals that it was Karan Kundrra.

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He also adds in that Karan has a lot of money and on this Ranveer Singh adds in talking to Karan that he knows right that Salman sir is coming to that set from this one now and on this Salman also laughs loudly and adds in that Karan now the time to give in the money has finally come.

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