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The Baddies Who Ruled Our Hearts: 8 Anti-Heroes Who Stole The Web Show

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March 31, 2021

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Breaking the stereotypes, the stories of villains also became relevant making us aware of why they chose to be on the path of destruction. While some had fair reasons, others were pure evil!

While every movie or TV show is incomplete without a protagonist, it is the villain who renders a sense of heroism to any central character and makes his/her story worth telling. And we usually don’t tend to empathize with any of these bad guys as they stand on the exact opposite sides as our ‘heroes’. However, some shows have redefined the real meaning of being a ‘hero’ or a ‘villain’. 

Breaking the stereotypes, the stories of villains also become relevant making us aware of why they chose to be on the path of destruction. From their heart-wrenching past stories to their clever master plans, they have brightened up the screens with their rooted personalities. Be it Naxalbari’s unpredictable Keswani or Dark 7 White’s evil Yudhveer Singh, these baddies have really carved a special place in our minds and hearts.

And here’s appreciating some of these lethal characters who added immensely to the show’s enigmatic mood.

Ambar Keswani from Naxalbari

A still from Naxalbari
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With a highly twisted character arc, Ambar (Aamir Ali) exploded like a silent bomb in the show. What started off as a guiding light to the greedy capitalists later took all of us by surprise by being the sole mastermind behind the Naxal movement. We loved him for his unpredictable character but also developed an unexpected empathy towards him due to his past story that led him on the wrong side of life.

His anger towards the system was justified by what he went through all his life and hence the viewers were left on a complicated dead-end wondering whom to support. However, Keswani’s cunning persona will stay in our minds forever.

ACP Abhimanyu from Dark 7 White

A still from Dark 7 White
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ACP Abhimanyu (Jatin Sarna) plays a vital character in the whodunnit. Carrying an image of an honest policeman, Abhimanyu investigates the murder mystery of Yudhveer Singh, totally involved in finding the real culprit. However, his character shift in the climax leaves the viewers with a lasting impression of his personality. His evolution from a cop to a political mastermind is worth watching.

Pali from Taish

A still from Taish
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Pali’s (Harshvardhan Rane) character had various shades. From being a true lover and a dedicated family man to a fierce gang leader, his dashing personality became the soul of this revenge drama. His ways of resolving the problems amid the gang wars and family battles made him one of our favourite characters of this Bejoy Nambiar show.

Right from his fiendish look to his ultimate expression of revenge, Pali’s character did justice to the title of the show ‘Taish’ which means rage.

Yudhveer Singh from Dark 7 White

A still from Dark 7 White
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The story of Dark 7 White unfolds like a perfect whodunnit exploring the themes of power and politics. Yudhveer’s (Sumeet Vyas) character is bound with no limitations and there’s no past-story to justify his action. A straight-to-the-face evil, Yudhveer puts everyone’s life at stake including his family and friends just for the sake of gaining power. Though his unexpected death becomes the premise of this political thriller, we never develop empathy towards him.

Yudhveer’s character is among those whom we love to hate.

King Bhadrapratap from Paurashpur 

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The misogynist king of Paurashpur, played by Annu Kapoor was another big baddie whom we loved to hate. His cruel intentions and the way he treated his queens and his subjects would make you hate him harder.

Inaaya Thakur from Black Widows

A still from Black Widows
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A strong and cunning entrepreneur Inaaya Thakur stands out as an epitome of a white-collar criminal. Playing a prominent role, her character brings an interesting twist with her evil persona and also pushes the storyline further with her cruel-yet-intriguing plans. Creating troubles with her shady business, we disgust her, hate her but ultimately appreciate her for the realistic persona she carries.

Zaheer from Mum Bhai

A still from Mum Bhai
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Playing the most-wanted criminal ruling the mysterious world of Mumbai’s shady underworld, Zaheer’s character in Mum Bhai stands out very well and strongly, making the conflict more interesting and worth watching. It’s his cruel imagery that unknowingly adds heroism to the protagonists of the show.

The Kidnapper In Abhay 2

A still from Abhay 2
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While Abhay 2 offered a wide range of psychotic villains, it is Ram Kapoor’s unnamed character of a kidnapper whose unpredictable nature gave us the worst nightmares. The unknown past of this evil persona makes him one of the most interesting baddies ever. From his bone-chilling laughter to the captivating look he carries, there’s no doubt he conquered our minds with his great portrayal.

These characters and their evil traits ultimately made the shows a treat for the viewers as they ended up ruling our minds and hearts.

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