That Leonardo DiCaprio has a ‘Green Heart’ is a given

Leonardo DiCaprio praises a collective efforts of the citizens for standing up in protecting the environment


September 11, 2021


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To state that the heart of this one-time Academy and three Golden Globe Award winner beats for the environment will be an understatement. An active name in the climate change movement, Leonardo DiCaprio proved this commitment to Mother Earth once again when he batted for the cause of residents of Konjic.

Taking to Instagram, Titanic actor shared a picture praising the collective will of residents in staving off irregular construction of two hydroelectric dams on the Neretva River that got Leonardo DiCaprio to get into a green tete-a-tete with them. “From @usembassybih Citizens banding together are a powerful voice for change. Brave residents of Konjic successfully fought irregular construction of two hydroelectric dams on the Neretvica River. This grassroots activism is at the heart of democracy and self-reliance and is a great lesson for all BiH citizens that everyone’s voice matters and you can make a difference where you live. #bosniaandherzegovina #konjic #neretvica @pustimedatecem,” he wrote.

Leonardo DiCaprio who through his Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, started his mission to protect the world’s last wild places, says such grassroots activism is the essence of democracy. The post has seen 1.62-lakh likes so far. Fans cannot seem to have enough of his concern for nature and have welcomed the Titanic film actor’s participation in the interests of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) citizens enthusiastically.

A beautiful heart

The actor said if all stakeholders concerned flag such issues, it will certainly make a difference where one lives. Neretva River for the uninitiated is a river that flows in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

Referred to as the Neretvica River in his Instagram post, this river rises on Lebršnik Mountain and flows northwest past Konjic to Jablanica Lake, then southwest via Mostar to enter the Adriatic Sea. Its runs a length of 140 miles.

The timeline of the actor’s 1,575-odd Instagram posts is littered with his concern on a wide range of environmental issues such as air pollution. Leonardo DiCaprio also lets his fans know that he believes in being up, close, and personal with nature in flagging the construction of illegal roads by a logging company in the Peruvian Amazon just about a week ago.

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