Thailand Protestors Seek PM’s Resignation And Fresh Polls

Thai students are calling for systemic democratic reforms, the dissolution of parliament, an end to harassment of opponents and more.

Jessica David

August 27, 2020

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Why are Thai students protesting on the streets and carrying out rallies? They are calling for systematic democratic reforms, dissolution of the parliament, an end to harassment from opponents and amendments to the constitution. They are demanding the resignation of the Thai Prime Minister and seeking fresh polls. Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha on Wednesday (August 26) issued his sternest warning to the protestors seeking his resignation, saying that they were creating deeper divisions that could cause the collapse of the country. “If we want to overcome each other politically, the nation will collapse,” PM told reporters.

“If that happens, just wait, everybody will be on fiery land, engulfed in flames.” His comments came after a month of near-daily rallies led by students calling for his ouster, a new constitution and fresh election, with some of them drawing over 10,000 protestors. Some of these demonstrators have openly called for reforms of the country’s monarchy – a taboo topic in a country with a strict law that has a punishment for perceived royal insults with up to 15 years imprisonment. “I am at my wit’s end,” PM added.

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