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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri: Reasons Why Jogi’s Life Is A ‘Total Siyappa’ In The Show Currently

Tanvi Rumale

April 14, 2021

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The families don’t accept them and then there’s Pappu looming over Jogi and Mahi after their wedding in Teri Meri Ikk Jindri that is making Jogi’s life a pot full of problems!

Teri meri Ikk Jindri has been having a couple of weeks of high wedding drama as Mahi (Amandeep Sidhu) was all set to marry the rich, minister’s son, Arjun. Jogi (Adhvik Mahajan) was clearly upset about it and Pappu even took advantage of this at one point on the show where he got Jogi drunk and created a big mess at Mahi’s function. Later, when Mahi sorted things out and got ready to tie the knot, she had another shock – Jogi sat in Arjun’s place to marry her albeit to protect her. Jogi kidnapped Arjun and took his place at the wedding and now his one move has made his whole life a total siyappa! If you still aren’t convinced, let us elaborate on that.

Mahi is upset with him

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri
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In a way, Mahi has been taken advantage of, and cheated by Jogi when he sat in Arjun’s place and married her non-consensually. Albeit he did with the right intentions. Arjun was having an affair with Chanda already while he was going to marry Mahi. Jogi did not want to see Mahi ruining her life so to save Mahi from his ill intentions, he decides to replace him at shaadi ka mandap. But Mahi is unaware of everything and hates him for ruining their friendship and her life along with her family’s reputation.

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Mahi’s family hates him

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Mahi’s family hates him and they hate Mahi as well. Mahi’s mother is devastated when she sees what her daughter has done starts questioning her upbringing. She berates Mahi for making a mockery out of the institution called marriage. She’s under the impression that Mahi and Jogi had an affair all this while and they carefully executed this ploy. Her family members cannot fathom how she can go to such lengths to malign the family name and reputation. While they have disowned her, they also hate Jogi for being a part of this mess.

Jogi’s family does not accept their wedding

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Jogi’s mother Rupa had warned Mahi to stay away from Jogi. She does not accept Mahi as her bahu and the newlyweds are left shattered. They have no support from anywhere and all of this is Jogi’s fault for not consulting anyone or even talking it through with Mahi. He is stuck in the worst situation ever, where his family is against him and so is hers.

Pappu has won it big

Teri Meri Ikk Jindri
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Chanda tells Pappu that since Mahi did not marry the influential Arjun and instead married Jogi, he does not have anything to worry about anymore. He is still the richest and the most influential in town and in the family and he can still boss around anyone, anywhere. Now we will see Pappu getting more confident and revengeful against Mahi. He’ll try to make her life a living hell and in turn make Jogi’s life hell too. Pappu will be more confident than ever and Jogi might be in for the worst ride of his life, stuck with a wife, who hates him to the core.

Will things ever calm down for bechara Jogi?

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