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Teri Meri Ikk Jindri: A Plan Of Action For Jogi That Can Help Him Come Out Of This Mess

Shrudi Shyam

April 16, 2021

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In his quest to save Mahi’s life, Jogi has gotten himself entangled in a complete mess. Here’s what he needs to do, to fix all of his problems.

Jogi (Adhvik Mahajan) has always had only the best intention in mind while doing anything in life. And when it comes to Mahi (Amandeep Sidhu), those intentions only get purer. He readily sacrificed his love and was quietly walking away when Mahi was getting married to Arjun in Teri Meri Ikk Jindri. But after knowing Arjun’s reality, how could he let that happen? In his quest to stop this marriage from happening, he ended up getting married to Mahi without her consent. Now that will surely make anyone upset, and Mahi was no different. With the love of his life and his best friend Mahi upset with him, here’s what Jogi should do now to make things better for him.

Meanwhile, check out what’s happening in Teri Meri Ikk Jindri here:

Find Proof Against Pappu

What’s the best way to divert attention from a major drama? Create more dama! And that’s exactly what would happen if Pappu’s devious side is brought out in the light. Pappu has been planning and plotting against Jogi-Mahi for so long, we’ve even lost count. Jogi could start by getting some proof against him. If he can find out Tillu’s truth and his history of being imprisoned, maybe he can establish how Pappu always wanted to ruin Mahi’s life. He could also try to record Pappu and Chanda’s conversation as proof.

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Mend Mahi’s Broken Ties With Her Family

The most important thing in Mahi’s life is her family. And that’s precisely why she hates Jogi right now because he’s the reason her family disowned her. Jogi has always been a sweet talker. So after gathering evidence against Pappu, he should use his skills to win over the Chopras and then mend their broken ties with Mahi.

Jogi, Mahi and her family
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Help Mahi To Bring Out Chanda’s Truth

Another major reason for Mahi’s family disbelieving her was Chanda’s flat out lying. And we’ve seen how amazing it is when Jogi-Mahi team up for a mission. If they could catch Gulshan from a running bus, they can surely expose Chanda. All they need to do is, find that video recording of her and Arjun. Although that wouldn’t help with their equation with Arjun’s influential family, it could surely soften Mahi’s family’s resolve.

Pappu and Chanda
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Sort Things Between Roopa And Mahi

Even after all of this, if Jogi wants his relationship with Mahi to work, he’ll have to convince his mother Roopa. She always loved Mahi, especially before the whole jail fiasco was orchestrated by Pappu. So if they talk it out, or if Jogi finds proof against Pappu, he can easily sort Roopa and Mahi’s equation.

Roopa, Jogi and Mahi
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Get Mahi’s MIG21 Back

Additionally, he can also get Mahi’s MIG21 back, which she had sold to help out her family with their debts. MIG21 was Mahi’s pride and honour. On top of it, Jogi-Mahi also have some incredible memories associated with it. So maybe getting that back, would trigger some of those good memories, and it could also show Mahi how much Jogi truly loves her.

Jogi and Mahi with MIG21
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Moreover, if Jogi ends up singing in front of Mahi, she’ll know he’s her secret crush, and would definitely soften her up a little.

Catch Jogi-Mahi’s love story on Teri Meri Ikk Jindri, streaming now on ZEE5.

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