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Tera Rang Chadiya: Here’s why JD and Seerat are the perfect example of ‘opposites attract’


September 13, 2020

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JD and Seerat are the perfect example of ‘opposites attract’. Read on to know what makes Tera Rang Chadiya such a rollercoaster ride.

Tera Rang Chadiya will soon knock your door and bring some freshness in your life. The story of the show revolves around Pollywood superstar JD (Angad Hasija) and small-town girl Seerat (Neha Thakur). Destiny will bring them together, but are they made for each other? Let’s discuss.

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Well, they certainly have nothing in common. They have different perceptions towards love, life, and everything in between. Don’t believe us? Here’s some proof.

The mantra of happiness

JD feels that watching himself on a big screen makes him happy. On the other hand, Seerat feels that real happiness lies in helping others.

The means of being happy

When it comes to getting around, Seerat prefers walking while listening to classical music, whereas superstar JD favours long drives in a posh convertible car.

The way of living 

From a glance, you can guess JD’s attitude. He believes in living with style, attitude, and swag. But Seerat is a disciplined girl who believes in following rules.

Being humble Vs Being arrogant 

JD prefers walking in style with designer shoes. However, Seerat chooses the traditional Punjabi jutti over everything.

What’s success?

JD believes that real success lies in being followed by thousands. On the other side, Seerat wants to lend a helping hand to others over everything else. See how different they are! Do you need more proof about their clash? We don’t think so. Just wait for next week and you’ll enjoy JD and Seerat’s conflict. Share this story and your thoughts in the comment section below.

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