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Tera Rang Chadeya New Promo: JD insults Seerat and turns her into his servant


September 28, 2020

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JD is not leaving any stone unturned to insult Seerat. Read on to know the latest scheme of JD for Seerat.

Tera Rang Chadeya‘s JD (Angad Hasija) is after Seerat (Neha Thakur). He wants to crush her morale and wishes to see her in pain. Seerat works in PR for the actor. However, she works on her terms, and that’s what JD hates the most. Anyway, we are here to inform you about an exciting new promo of the show.

Before going ahead, let’s watch the latest episode of the show:

JD finds a new way to insult Seerat

The promo gives us a glimpse of a grand bash, where JD finds a new way to mock Seerat. JD’s mother searches for a waiter to look after guests. JD hears his mother’s issue. He calls Seerat, hands her the serving plate, and tells his mommy that Seerat will take care of the guests. He insults her further by saying that Seerat believes in the dignity of labour, and hence, won’t mind being a servant. He assures his mother that Seerat will do her best.

What will be Seerat’s reaction to this insult? The answer is simple, keep watching Tera Rang Chadeya.

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