Uttar Pradesh: Shiv Temple Worker Brutally Murdered In Meerut

Accused Anas Qureshi started beating up caretaker of Shiv Temple after he objected religiously hateful remarks on his saffron attire.

Jessica David

July 17, 2020

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A shocking incident has been reported from Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, where a caretaker of the Shiv Temple was brutally beaten to death by Anas Qureshi after he protested against the latter’s comment on his saffron attire, reported sources. Meerut Police took to Twitter to inform that an indictment has been registered in the above case, in which the accused, Anas Qureshi has been arrested and sent to jail. Kanti Prasad, the committee vice-president and also the caretaker of Shiv Temple located in Abdullapur market of Bhagwanpur village in Meerut, who usually used to be clothed in saffron attire, had gone to pay the electricity bill in Ganganagar on Monday (July 13).

While returning, the accused Anas Qureshi aka Jaanleva crossed Kanti Prasad’s path near Global city. On seeing Kanti Prasad clad in a saffron scarf around his neck, Qureshi mocked his attire and passed religiously hateful remarks which irked Kanti Prasad. When he objected his vile comments, Qureshi started beating up the priest in the middle of the road. Prasad’s family took him straight to the police station, to lodge a complaint against Qureshi. Police called for an ambulance and sent him to a nearby medical college. Kanti Prasad succumbed to his injuries the next day.

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