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Tell Us What You Think About These Top 5 Romantic Movies


August 29, 2020

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Check out some of the fun movies that you should catch during your free time

If you’re in the mood for some movies this weekend, then we have gotten the most interesting and romantic movies lined up for you! Take a look.

Double Engine

Need some comedy and love in your life? Well, this is the perfect rom-com for you then! Double Engine, starring Chikkanna, Ashok, Prabhu and Suman Ranganathan, is a story of three friends — Ashok, Sunila and Krishna — who come all the way to Bengaluru to make some quick money. Their journey isn’t as simple as it seems. On their way, they meet Suma, a widow, who joins the trio in their quest of quick money. Watch this movie to see what happens next!


Puneeth Rajkumar plays Gagan Dixit, an investigative journalist, who travels from Kolkata in search job. It is also discovered that he travels to Bangalore with the intention of finding his long-lost friend. As an upcoming journalist, he is determined to expose a corrupt minister Ghanashyam Yadav that also makes his channel widely popular. Not only does he fight against a powerful minister but he also stands his ground on the same. His courage and persistence to fight the evil in the city is not only the base of the film but also what makes for an interesting plotline.

Olave Jeevana Lekkachara

Olave Jeevana Lekkachaara, directed by Nagathihalli Chadrashekahar, is a story about Balu (Srinagara Kitty), who comes to Halekote village, where he falls in love with Rukmini (Radhika). Pandit also won the award for ‘Best Actress’ in the same year for her performance as Rukmini. Her act is a must-watch, especially in scenes where Balu leaves Rukmini to come back to Bengaluru and how she overcomes this heartbreak.

Beautiful Mansugalu 

An intense and sensational love story, Beautiful Mansugalu is a romantic thriller with Sathish Ninasam and Sruthi Hariharan as its stars. It is inspired by true events where the story revolves around two lovers Prashanth and Nandini, who are caught in the midst of a media-driven society, When Nandini is accused of being involved in a sort of scam, Prashanth is misled to think of her in a negative light. Well, this story will keep you at the edge of your seats to see if these two will come back together in all this chaos.


Hebbuli is an action film with a star cast including  Sudeep, V Ravichandran and the very beautiful Amala Paul. The story begins with Captain Ram rescuing three doctors, including Dr Nandini, who later falls in love with him. One night, Ram receives a letter, stating that his brother IAS officer Sathyamurthy, is dead.  After Ram’s brother’s death, he decides to investigate the reason behind his death. However, he must fight against the corrupt system, to protect his family and find out the truth.

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