Teena Singh, Harshadaa Vijay Talk About Their Most Popular Role Before Love, Sleep, Repeat

Teena Singh and Harshadaa Vijay, who were seen in Kabir Singh and the Lamberghini music video respectively, tell us about the response it got them.

Kenneth Carneiro

November 21, 2019


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Harshadaa Vijay and Teena Singh, both star in two very memorable episodes of Love, Sleep, Repeat opposite Anshuman Malhotra of Haider fame. Harshadaa Vijay plays the street-smart girl, Nishika, who knows how to woo anybody and get them to do what she wants. Teena Singh, on the other hand, plays the role of, Vijayanthi, a simple and homely south Indian girl. While their characters may be contrasting on the show, they do have one thing in common. While Teena Singh has gained popularity as the Kabir Singh girl, Harshadaa is well-known as the ‘Lamberghini’ girl.

Watch them in the series Love Sleep Repeat.

Harshadaa tells us how her life changed after she appeared in the Lamberghini music video. “It was a turning point in my life, because till that point I had not done much work. After Lamberghini, I got Love, Sleep Repeat. First people didn’t recognise me, now they look at me and say, That’s the ‘Lamberghini’ girl. I feel quite happy every time it happens.

Teena Singh was in Kabir Singh, the most controversial film of 2019. Teena says that Kabir Singh was a unique movie which got the harshest criticism but also got crazy amount of love at the same time. She says, ‘Kabir Singh changed my life, because I am in this industry for 5 years and I’ve done a good amount of work. I’ve done a lot of ad campaigns and a few web shows and an AR murugadoss film called Akira. While all these projects got me some attention, there’s a few projects that become milestones in your career. The first time it happened was when I did the Nescafe campaign. So I became the Nescafe girl; till Kabir Singh happened.

On life after Kabir Singh, Teena Singh says, ‘Kabir Singh was like the effect of Nescafe into 10. Even till date I get at least 5 random messages saying I want you to look at me the way you look at Kabir Singh. Boys and men from across the country Kanpur, Jabalpur anywhere, send me these messages till day. I got so much love from men, maybe less women.’

Watch Teena Singh’s thank you message for fans of Love, Sleep, Repeat here.

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